[BMW] Support more BMW Models on Android

There is a huge thread that is not getting any attention from Spotify because it's marked as "implemented" but it is not.  Spotify should work on BMW ConnectedDrive, like it does on iOS (and it does on the very latest 7-Series BMW)




Let's please get this implemented / fixed - there seems little point keeping my subscription if I can't use it easily in the car.

Updated on 2019-08-29


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Yes please.


It's ridiculous that this isn't done yet.  Also, asked spotify for consideration and they offered a free month, but then told me that because I'm on a family plan I can't use the free month.  Such a nice offer of something I cannot use.


At the very least could we have any kind of comment at all from Spotify staff regarding this issue.


Hilarious how long it has been since an official update in this still very active thread:



Saying that Android Spotify works with Connected Drive with a sidenote of "only on the 2016 BMW 7-series" is an insult to BMW owners that have Android phones. And it's even more offensive when those users (like me) have a paid subscription on Spotify. The subscription doesn't really worth it when you can't hear the music in your car.


I am not sure what percentage of Spotify's paying users us interested in this topic we are, however, I hope Spotify fixes this, ot give us a reason to keep having our subscription.


Also, if Spotify is not paying attention to these forums, I think Play Store ratings of 0 or 1 star from all of us affected by this might have a better chance of making them pay attention to our problem. (and hopefully speed up a fix for this)


Please help us in getting this implemented for all BMWs Spotify.

Thank you


Please work on the integration of the Android App into all BMW Connected Drive systems. Not everybody can afford to buy a new 7 series in order to enjoy the comfort of Spotify on the road :-).




It's ashaming to see how spotify says this idea is already implemented when only a ridiculously small amount of drivers can enjoy this feature. 


Please, provide us a solution or at least an approximate date for it.


BMW connected drive and spotify integration now please!!