Backup playlists

Option to backup your playlists for situations:

- where someone accidentally filters your carefully ordered playlist by alphabet

- where your account should crash

Updated: 2015-11-17

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Totally agree. If I've got spotify up during a party and people are messing around with it, adding tracks that they want to hear to the queue, or moving tracks around in a playlist, I want to know that tomorrow I can get everything back to the state it was in before the party. There should be a way to automatically export all the playlists to text files that contain HTTP links to the songs in each playlist.


I know I can manually do it, but that process is ridiculous, especially if I want to do it once a week. For each playlist, I'd have to (1) go into the playlist (2) select all (3) copy (4) go into text editor (5) paste (6) save text file. For 50-100 playlists, this isn't feasible.


On a related note, it'd be awesome to be able to "lock" a playlist, giving it a password so that I could restrict people from modifying all but one "dynamic queue" playlist during a party.


I figured out a somewhat janky way to backup and restore playlists.


To Back Up:

Copy the entire "<USER_APP_DATA>/Spotify/Users/<USER_ID>-user" folder to wherever you want to store your backup.


To Restore:

Exit spotify.
To be safe, rename the "<USER_APP_DATA>/Spotify/Users/<USER_ID>-user" folder to something like "<USER_ID>-user.backup", in case something goes wrong here.
Copy backed up user folder to "<USER_APP_DATA>/Spotify/Users/<USER_ID>-user".
Start spotify and immediately put it into offline mode. Make sure no playlist is selected.
Now when you select a playlist, it will give a "can't do this in offline mode" message, because it's trying to update the playlist from it's online database, which we want to overwrite. The songs should be dark gray, meaning they're unplayable. You might have to edit your preferences to disable the hiding of unplayable tracks. Select all the songs in the playlist (CTRL+A), and copy (CTRL+C).
Create a new playlist. Paste the songs in (CTRL+V). Delete the original playlist and name this new one the same thing. Now you have a restored version of the playlist. Do this for all playlists that need to be restored from the backed up version.

When turn off offline mode, the tracks should be playable.

one work-around could be to use your friends as per but this likely becomes a nuisance

You can simply select all tracks and paste them into a text file. (And pase back from the text file if you need to restore the playlist).

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I will harp in and add that being able to export any or all playlists into a spreadsheet type file, with basic data such as song title, album, artist, and year, would be brilliant, and arguably a necessity considering this is my main music archive now.


This is such a basic missing feature it's ridiculous. I work around this using a collection of scripts to make it a bit easier but it's still not quite as perfect as a one button touch.


If you do Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all playlist tracks and then Ctrl-V to paste your tracks into a text file, you can however translate that using a program I wrote to translate the tracks from the the spotify uri format into the human readable Artist - Track format so at least you know what you have got as well.


I currently only use this on Mac and Linux but it'd probably work if you installed Perl on Windows.


I second this. A must. After spending hours doing housekeeping, what a nice surprise discovering you have accidentally deleted playlists?




I agree! Just accidentally deleted several songs in a playlist in browser, because the connection was so slow, I thought my click on 'Delete' didn't work. After a second click, 2 songs were deleted :-(!


A backup option would be very helpful!


How are you moving tracks around in a playlist, i would love to put my playlists in alphabetical order.