[Behind the Lyrics] Option to disable Behind the Lyrics

I think that you should have the choice of disabling behind the lyrics in settings because I would always swipe down on the album cover to exit the screen but now I can't because of behind the lyrics which makes my music listening experience bad

Hey folks. We don't have plans to make it optional to disable Behind The Lyrics. We'll let you know if we make any improvements to this feature though. For now you can click on the arrow in the top left corner or just swipe down on the Now Playing View in order to leave the feature. 


(Changed from "Implemented Status", as many of you mentioned in the comments - the topic will continue in this idea.)

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Updated: 2016-01-29

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This is actually more of an problem than it sounds. I used to swipe the albums to ship songs, but that now doesn't work reliably.
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I absolutely hate the new Genius thing on the mobile app. Now every song artwork is moving up and down and there's another black picture behind it, it doesn't make any sense, it's messy, I don't want it. I don't care about the lyrics or the history behind the song that I am listening to.

Plus it's not ergonomic, I used to put my thumb on the artwork and swipe it down to minimize the player to go back to something else right? But now with this nonsense Genius thing, when I swipe down the artwork, it doesn't minimize the player, but instead it shows me this "behind the lyrics" which I don't care at all.

So please, add a simple setting in the app to turn it off. Thank you.

Is there any way we can just have the lyrics by its self. Or make that an option in setting. I can't stand the little facts about behind the lyrics. Seriously couldn't care less. It really is pointless. I hate reading he lyrics then it switches to behind the lyrics quote. Irritating when I can't understand what they're saying. Please remove it or make it an option to turn off just behind the lyrics and actually let the lyrics play in time. Thanks Spotify. Other than that ... App is perf.
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 Please please please I'm begging you add an option in the app settings to turn it off, it ruins my experience. Thank you.

Hate this so much. Been a Spotify premium member for 5 years (at least). This might be what makes me stop paying.

So annoying!

I agree with everyone above! I can't stand this feature and please at least make it an option to turn it off for those who don't want to use this! 


Thank you 

I agree with everything above. It's like there was no testing with users before this "feature" was rolled out. It makes swiping songs impossible!!

Also agree. Please make this an option to turn off.  I can't stand this new "feature".



Would love to be able to turn this off. I find swiping right through album covers as I'm driving is really handy and you don't need to look at the screen. But with this feature it always pauses between every swipe to do the little bounce thing which makes flicking thorugh quickly very hard!