[Behind the Lyrics] Option to show Lyrics only

You guys finally listened and implemented a sort-of lyrics system on Android now, Genius' "Behind the Lyrics" (BTL).

Now, BTL sometimes shows lyrics, and sometimes shows Genius' explanations for why the lyrics that are being sung that moment are written.
So the app can display the lyrics at the proper times already.
Genius also already has the full lyrics to most songs in their database.

Let us toggle it so it doesn't switch to the explanations.
Just the lyrics.

I like the explanations, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I want to see what they hear at a specific time, if I can't understand them the explanation won't help me.

Updated on 2019-06-25

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We're marking closing this idea, because it's a duplicate of another. We'd recommend keeping an eye on this idea "Please bring back the Lyrics feature" and add your votes there. Any updates will be posted there.


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I agree. I dislike this genius info so much I came to comment on it in hopes that it will make a difference. I'm sure we'll see some change in a couple of years (sigh).


Yes pls

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For me it's ok. Thank goddess we have lyrics now! 😄 ❤️

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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉

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For me it's ok. Thank goddess we have lyrics now! 😄 ❤️


But we don't? We have lyrics from time to time. That's like being happy with a furnace that turns on and off every 5 minutes. Sure it works, but it won't cook your dinner.


i think just one thing made JOOX better, because JOOX show lyric with simple way. if SPOTIFY can made way like thats i think users more enjoy with your apps.


Please, i dont wan to see behind the lyrics I just want to see lyrics

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This would be great, even if it costs a few more cents to the subscription. I am currently subscribed to Musixmatch for the lyrics, and the app eats consumes a lot of battery. So having the lyrics in Spotify saves me both money and battery.


Yes please, I agree that. Just the lyric would be perfect 🙂


Agreed. I am not interested in why the lyrics was written but simply just the lyrics. Please place in a toggle.