Better Radio Algorithms

Please update the radio-algorithms to adapt better to what a user wants to listen to based on her skip-behavior.


I love artist-/playlist-radios. But there are too many repetitions. Especially when a song is skipped, this information should be used by spotify to not play this track again within let's say the next 12 hours.


Furthermore, there is not enough diversity! If I start a playlist-radio for a playlist with ~100 tracks, this should be seed enough for more diverse tracks. Last.FM is doing a much better job here – although I am about to prefer spotify over for usability-reasons.




Hello folks!


We are going to lock this idea and mark it as “Case Closed” since by its definition it will be difficult to mark it as “implemented”.


We are always willing to improve our features and the actual title of this thread itself is one of the perpetual main focus of the radio team.

I hope you can all understand the reason why we’re closing this idea, please feel free to reach me out if you need further information.


Also feel free to comment and vote other ideas related to Spotify Radio, as this one or this one. Thanks so much for your feedback! :)


Of course, the 12-hour-rule is too sharp – Instead, a
Similarity Measure for songs/playlists to determine
the next song (in radio-mode) should be
a weighted combination of:

* Similarity based on Collaborative Filtering
* Sim. based on Tag-/Genre-Sharing
* Sim. based on Audio-Features
* #Finished/#Skipped for all users
* #Finished/#Skipped for myself
* 1/last playtime
* …and more(?)…

(everything somehow normalized to 0…1)
(computed between each track in playlist and all tracks available)

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Yes please!


I have made a playlist of fairly diverse music of about 400 songs. When I start a radio based on that playlist I don't expect to hear any repeats in a day... I think I have heard the same bunch of songs by the same artists waaaay too many timesl. Even to find some other songs from the same artist would help.


This is the main reason why I will not be continuing my subscription after my trial runs out.


… and still offers all the artist/song-tags that could be used for "Sim. based on Tag-/Genre-Sharing" for  example … and maybe Pandora sells their manually created audio-features … great possibilities here :) …


You guys need to buy out Pandora. This combination would be a juggernaut IMO. 


You need to have a radio station with a button to which will introduce random songs or there is no use..


The algorithm that repeats songs you skipped means your developers are just not listening.


I would consider premium, but after I visit this support community page I realize there has been adequate time for developers to respond to very basic requests from users, and the developers have not done so.


After visiting the community page I am beginning to think this ap is in existence to create links from this company's database to our facebook data, and not provide a very worthwhile user experience with music.

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Make it so, should of been there in the first place:-)



Still no improvements here – so I am forced to listen to the same songs over and over again – that makes me sad :(


The radio portion of Spotify is in need of a major update and, in addition to the ideas already presented here, I'd like to see the ability implemented in order to combine radio stations in order to add diversity. I'm at a desk for eight to eleven hours a day for work and I like to open the Spotify radio and let it go but it currently is just lacking in every way. There appears to be a limited number of bands that are utilized for each radio station and on top of that, there are a limited number of songs that are played by each band. The real question is why? Even if the station had limited bands linked to the particular artist I've created a radio channel for, why does it not pull a random song from the band's entire collection, rather than playing the same three songs from that band? It doesn't make much sense... I pay for Spotify Premium and still find myself opening up Pandora when the radio gets stale. 


Just a "me too". I put together a list of 1000 songs in the hopes to create a nice office music radio station. That's about 2 weeks worth of music, but the same songs were being played every day using the radio feature. I'm just using the playlist in random at the moment, but it's gonna get boring after a month or two...


Apparently spotify uses echo nest for its radio functionality. I'm not sure how the APIs are being used, but it looks simple enough to do something like:


1) choose a random seed song

2) get a list of similar songs to that seed song (N songs)

3) pick a number X between 0 and N, with X=0 being the seed song and N>=1 being a similar song

4) play the chosen song

5) rinse and repeat


There'd be a question of how many similar songs to get each run, especially when optimizing for caching results, but it shouldn't be that hard to have a simple algorithm that works across a small or large number of seed songs.