Bigger Queue Button

I am sick of trying to queue songs only to select them and have them play in the middle of a current song just because the queue button is so small.


Make it bigger!

Updated: 2015-04-15

Update: Bigger options button on mobile has been suggested here:


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On what platform would you like to see that feature? :)

And with "queue button" do you mean the one that shows you the current queue (like on Android) or do you mean a button that queues tracks in the first place (although I'm not aware such a button exists yet).

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I have the same problem too trying to queue songs, and adding songs too a playlists. I find the little circle button on the iPhone to small to aim for, and end up cutting out songs.

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A million times this!


It's incredibly annoying. It may be limited to the Android app, the buttons seem to be bigger on the iPhone version. I'm running it on a Nexus 7 which has a big enough screen, it just seems like the hit zone for the queue button is far too small. 

A million votes for this one. I accidentally interrupt the current song about one time out of four. This makes the whole songs queue feature useless. Changing the button's look is not necessary; you could either: - extend the "additional actions" click zone to the whole song entry height and enough width, so that clicking the right part of the song entry activates it for sure; - or provide another way to access the menu: long-press or slide.

yep, on android at least it is WAY too difficult to hit the elipsis/options button, really frustrating to add songs to queue.


Another vote for this. On the iPhone app, the ellipsis/options/menu circle is too small. It should just be a full square on the right side of the list item. Also, not to get off topic, but it would be cool if you could see what's in the queue - I don't see an option for this on the iPhone app.


I agree that the hit target is much too small.  On a regular basis, I inadvertently start a new song and, to make matter worse, lose my queue of songs.  Anecdotal story, my friend had to hand my iphone to me while I was driving so that I coudl queue the songs because I had better luck of getting the context menu with my finger tip. 


Out of curiousity, what do people think about the Sonos approach?  When you tap on the song, it always brings up a context menu: Play Now, Play Next, Add to Queue, Add to Playlist, etc?  Spotify could put a play button on each song that you have to hit if you want it to immediately start playing (and clear your current queue). 



Happens to me all the time, please make it bigger and reactive.  It would be great if the Queue button was as tall as the track listing, and filled in 20% of the right side.


My issue is on the iPad app. It's verrrry frustrating! An easy fix would be to make the button cover the right 20% of the songs row.