Block/remove certain Facebook users

I want to keep certain facebook friends from seeing my profile, recent listens, etc. This level of profile privacy granularity should be built in!

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how can I block recent listens of friends who listen to music I don't like?  I have other friends who I want to see their recent listens but their listens are overrun by friends that I have no interest in seeing what they are listening to.

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This is definitely a good idea to protect privacy conscious users. Especially when Facebook signup was required for so long.

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Excactly the problem I have and just finding out there isn't an existing solution yet. If someone, added to Spotify via Facebook friends, is flooding the 'listening-to-newsfeed' in the right collumn, perhaps due to a bad music taste/not being aware of the'please-don't-show-me-listening-to Spice Girls and WHAM private session' (awesome function btw) or whatever; I should be able to 'ban' or temporarily block them from showing up there. This should be possible through Spotify., as addition to 'promoting' someone to your favorites. The only solution now is to kick that person from your Facebook friends, and that is not an adequate solution, hence he/she is there for a good reason.




While I enjoy the music tastes of some friends, there are hundreds of people on my facebook list.  The lack of this feature, to be able to have an ignore list within the Spotify app, prevents me from joining as a paying user. I'll check back in a few months.

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This is KEY. Unfortunately we all have "facebook" friends that we can't necessarily defriend for one political reason or another, but we should have the ability to limit as much personal information to them as possible! That includes music "listened to".  I shouldn't have to go into a "private listening session" every time I want to use spotify, just because I don't want one person following my music choices. 


If I block someone on Facebook, I don't want to see a message on Spotify that they're following me now!


I think this is so huge and important. Privacy is such a concern, of course, but I just don't want to have any access to an ex, nor do I want him to have any access to me.


I'm not a 16-year-old girl, but I know this logic makes me sound like it. Either way, I don't care. I want to block him and he's wanted to block me, and it would just be better in the end. And I'm 1000% positive I'm not the only one who feels this way.


Yeah thats my problem too Kay. Starting to follow my lists after brekaing up with him  is creepy as hell.

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You should atleast be able to remove people so they can't follow you!