Bring back Endless Radio

Why are you changing the way the artist radio stations work? All my followed stations are playlists now and I don't like it. There's limited functionality with a playlist. I can't remove an artist I don't like from these playlists. I can't "thumbs down" something I don't like so I never hear it again. For instance, I don't want 'Veil Of Maya' in my 'Animals As Leaders' station, but they're in Spotify's 'Animals As Leaders' radio playlist and again, I don't like it. The playlist is always the same. Put an mp3 CD in your car (old school, I know) with 50 tracks on it and see if you don't get sick of it in a week. A radio station changes. I know it's basically just a jazzed up playlist, but it changed often. These playlists are locked in and "shuffle play" only goes so far. Also, the radio stations play continuously. More songs load as they play. At the end of the day, the radio stations are 95% of what I use. Fortunately, I can still get at the "old" artist radio stations for now. If this playlist thing becomes a permanent change and I can't get at the normal artist station, I'll be forced to consider canceling my subscription. It was great before. Loved it. I was perfectly happy giving you my hard earned cash every month. But it seems the functionality is changing, so maybe my cash flow is changing too. This playlist radio system is garbage.


Also, for the love of DOG let me sort my stations by name. This is basic stuff. SMDH

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Who even asked for this. Or did the development team change stuff on a whim because they felt like it? There's countless posts of people saying they don't like it, surely the devs can see where they went wrong?

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SO much this. I click on radio, I expect to hear a variety of songs, that'll be different each time. I am a relatively new Spotify user, and it is confusing as all **bleep** whether I'm listening to a Radio station or a playlist.Same with adding a song to my library, or liking it. And sometimes I get the option to thumbs up, sometimes it's a heart, sometimes it's a plus sign. wth is going on? This is especially the case in the car on Android Auto. So **bleep** confusing.


I guess it doesn't matter whether I'm listening to a playlist or a radio station, as I hear the same songs all the time anyway.....


Google Play Music radio is much better.


More song variety on radio stations. 
Spotify changed artist and song radios to fixed playlists, and now the same song appears in almost every radio station regardless of genre. They could at least switch up which song by an artist is included. This would go a long way toward making the service more enjoyable. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to have a random song by the artist generated for each different radio station instead of the exact same song over and over again. 

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Ok So Spotify says they'll consider an idea in the Idea Board after it gets 100 votes - this has been posted since January 2019, has nearly 300 likes and Spotify still isn't listening. Time to take our business elsewhere. Premium features removed - same cost to us. For what?


Last weekend my roommate was listening to Google Play's radio feature and it was amazing!  Never had song repeats, discovered tons of new stuff, and you can train it with thumbs up/down.  He says he's found they have more of the artists he can't find on Spotify too.  Think I may give it  try and migrate platforms soon, seeing as Spotify seems completely tone deaf as to what made their service great in the first place.

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My premium subscription officially cancelled thanks to Spotify not giving a c-r-a-p (apparently that word warrants marking it **bleep** lol) about what matters to their paying users.


It seems like a weird decision in the first place. Why purposely downgrade that hard? I never liked Spotify's self-curated playlists but the radio function made it worth it. If there'd actually be more songs loading as you listen, while ACTUALLY banning the ones you didn't like, you'd have such a great tool on your hands. Definitely voting for a change back, even though it doesn't seem like the average subscriber uses Spotify's full potential, so there won't be enough votes for them to actually **bleep**, or even realize that this issue exists. I'm 100% sure, that everyone would agree when given the option to see the same 50-ish songs over and over, or potentially thousands to explore, they would choose the latter. It's just common sense. 


Come on Spotify do the right thing! Please! Radio was an amazing way to find new music and now its a repeat again and again and again of pretty much the music thats already in my playlists, not NEW music with similar styles to what I am asking to radio off!! Please guys.. How you have it is not what a radio is meant for 😞 


gees spotify, how long has this been literally going on for?


is there any plans on bringing back the old endless continuous radio?  has it been well over a year this horrendous 'feature' has been put in?

maybe considerations of pandora and other programs are going to be more seriously considered if this is going to be the commitment we're getting from spotify.....

you all have been given well enough time

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