Bring back copy and paste TITLE of song, not only URL

Latest update only copies the URL, so if you're sharing a song or playlist they only see that, not the title. Surely this was unintended, can you bring it back please
Updated: 2017-02-19


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Hey there!

Before giving your idea a proper status - could you please explain the issue a bit more in detail? I've just tried to share a track on Android (assuming you're on Android because of the label) and it showed the title for the other person. What exactly do you mean with copying the URL, that only works on the desktop anyway, right?

Some screenshots would be amazing! 😉

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Hi, if you go to a track >share > copy link and then paste it, for example into a what's app message, only the URL is copied, the track title is missing. The same happens if you paste into a text editor, Samsung S-note or Google Keep.



+1 to this.

I'm a beer reviewer and I pair every beer with a song, which is visible as a Spotify link.

I'm used to copy & paste this from the Windows application but now I need to enter the

artist and song manually.



Best Reg


Åke Hjalmarsson





I also wondered why the title was not included, but thought it was by design.

Support from me.

(By the way i think there should be an easyer way to embed songs/albums/playlists in posts and signatures. Could be some kind of button like the link-button. But that is another story)




Spotify should bring back copy-paste artist/title to clipboard feature.  The HTTP copy-paste was OK, but it has been removed.  A specific copy-paste artist/title item on content menu would be terrific.  One could SELECT ALL, right mouse click, and select artist(s)/title(s) for pasting into Word, Keep or Notepad.



I prefer it the way it is now tbh. If you could put that in the settings, that would be great. E.g.

"Show song / album title when sharing" : On/Off


Another reason for me to have to keep the old version of Spotify. That is an ESSENTIAL feature for me when I am


1. creating my chart from my spotify playlist.

2, Creating a playlist from searched data and want to see which ones were missing




The f eature as it was before it was taken away:


1. You can copy specifically URI or http. One is "spotify:track:<id>" the other begins http://.  The useful thing is that you can copy it back into spotify to load the track.


2. If you paste into notepad you always get the URI.

3. If you paste into Word or Excel, you get a clickable link but the text is in the format Artist - Title except it isn't a - but some strange dash symbol. And if there is more than one artist on the track you only get one of them. However it is still fairly useful. 


I create my playlists in one of two ways:


1. My search program. This returns me URIs (or http links), artist and title. I don't need the copy-paste feature at this point. All I do need to do is copy a selection of URI/http links into spotify.


2. I "filter" the lists. This is done through Spotify - the tracks are loaded into a playlist and then I listen to them all or a bit of each and copy into a new playlist the ones I want to keep (or delete the ones I don't want). That gets me the playlist I want.


3. I then maintain this by pasting it into Excel, both the artist & title and the http link. At this point unless I'm going to do some kind of "Join" (and Excel doesn't have a proper join) I need the artist / title info from Spotify.


4. I also filter them during the week further and want to maintain the spotify playlist in Excel too.


I then create "retro" or "old chart" playlists. I do this by selecting a load of songs I want and using to "find" them on Spotify. Typically it doesn't find all of them and I need to see which ones are missing. (Unlike the very useful spotmysongs which told you which ones were missing, this one doesn't). So I copy the playlist into a Spotify playlist then into Excel and can scan down to see which ones are missing.


Many of them are on Spotify. Either I mistyped (possibly put in Dreaming instead of Dreamin' for example and it can be fussy about that, or the way I put in & / and) or it's one that ivy has some problem finding (which includes any songs by A-Ha or Hard-Fi now matter how I type their name). 


Sometimes the song isn't on Spotify and I have to put it on from elsewhere (e.g. I have it on mp3) but in any case I do need this feature.