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Bring back the Filter option in Search results

Well, not only Sorting is messed up (removed) from the latest realease of Spotify, filtering is as well. You can no longer filter (ctrl-F/cmd-F) your search results, and, as with many other great features killed without explanation, we want this one back as well. Thanks!


PS. You can manually bring back the old search - including sorting and filter options - if you write "spotify:search:[search term]" in the search field.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated: 2016-06-02


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Yes, please bring back these options.  If not, please explain why not.  I love Spotify but the frequent software updates rarely improve its utlility from my point of view.  IIABDFI* should be software porviders' new mantra!  *If it ain't broke don't fix it."


Brian I've just spotted your PS - brilliant! - thank you very much indeed!  How on earth did you discover it?


I caught it in another thread - don't remember which one though. 🙂

So sad that you have to figure out solutions like that to get to a user friendly interface...

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I just tried the work-around. A bit cumbersome, but it does work. Thanks!

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Een nieuwe desktop versie voor Windows... Daar zou je toch verbetering verwachten zou men zeggen... Nee..., jullie halen de filterfunctie (CTRL-F) eruit. Top! (N-O-T) Waarom wordt een basis functie als deze eruit gehaald en belangrijker nog: wanneer komt deze terug. Ik betaal 10,00 p.m. om mijn muziek te kunnen beheren. Met het wegnemen van deze functie ontnemen jullie de gebruikers een hele grote controle- / zoekmogelijkheid.

Waar kan ik de vorige versie vinden? Ik wil graag downgraden naar de vorige versie!

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The filter funtion for playlists will be coming back in a future update. 

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How about if it just comes back now?  I almost can't use spotify without it.


 Please bring this feature back as soon as possible, I also use this as part of my main method of using Spotify, without it makes it extremely difficult to use the program.


Like others, since the so-called upgrade of a year ago, I got round the disappearance of the ability to sort search results by columns by prefixing my searches with "spotify:search:", but now even that has disappeared. As far as I am concerned, losing the ability to sort results makes Spotify pretty well useless for my purposes. I don't understand why upgrades involve removal of features - surel an upgrade should improve the experience for users. Big thumbs down, which when I've researched the opposition, will result in a big walk out.