Bring back the stars

I am completely lost in my playlists now because the drop of the stars. I'm even considering switching to another system. I mean if I have to start my spotify lists over I might as well try something new. Cus now its just a big mess.

Any news if the star function will come back?

Thanks for the feedback - any news regarding this request will be announced in the original idea topic here:

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I actually agree with your sentiment. I went from a one second method of addind songs to my queue, to looking for my starred playlist. It's not the end of the world but it's frustrating when the previous process was SO simple.

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I just want to add to this sentiment! Also the new feature is broken out of the box!

I really really dislike the new way and much prefered the star (gold when selectd) as it was. Before you could see in other playlists which songs were in 'Starred' or favourited, awesome!

Now they all show as this awful + icon regardless of whether they are in Starred or not? This is a bug correct? Shouldnt the tick persist? And why stay with the 'starred' terminology when they are now NOT stars but ticks? Poor.

If I had known about this horrible regression I would have stayed with the old version until you FORCED me to move. Whoever ok'd this needs their head checking, did you run this past users? I cannot believe they could have been happy with it.

Bring it back.. bring it back.. bring it back.. bring it back!



I completely agree. I actually registered JUST to comment on this issue. They've completely destroyed the ease of use of the Starred functionality. 


Why would they change a behavior that they've trained their userbase to use since the beginning of the applications development? What's the point in changing something that no one has ever complained about, something which was actually my favorite aspect of Spotify which is now pretty much ruined. 


I loved hearing something and hitting the star, knowing exactly where its going and how to remove it quickly if I change my mind. Now it's just another playlist. It shouldn't be. My starred list is the lifeblood of my Spotify use, my other playlists are secondary. Lumping them together just wasn't a necessary move and makes things more difficult. My issue comes from the change in the BEHAVIOR of the method used to add something to my starred list. WHY did you turn a one click process into a three click process? That's backwards.



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I don't really care if they changed from stars to checks, but to force me to mouse over a track to see if its in my collection is completly unacceptable!!!!  I need to see the songs I have selected at a glance. 


i agree.


I've got a problem with the "your music" section. Have been busy for two afternoons saving all my favourite music albums. Up to 800 about now. At this point Spotify just won't save anymore... When i hit the save button it automaticaly deletes my choice and the album isn't saved. It appears to be so that when i delete one of my other saved albums, i'm able to save one more. Which leads me to the question, is there a maximum to the "your music" section??


the stars we're much easier keeping up my complete library!

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For all those who want stars back you can uninstall the new version and install the previous version 0.9.7, then disable auto updates. 

There is a guide on javiersantos page, google it, I can't link to it or they will delete this post (probably will anyway)

Steps for avoid automatic updates

If you’ve opted to use the official installer you need to follow a few simple steps to prevent updates.

  1. Go to the installation patch of Spotify. You can go directly with Windows key + R and typing “%Appdata%\Spotify” (without the quotes).
  2. Delete Spotify_new.exe and Spotify_new.exe.sig (if they are there).
  3. Now open your favorite text editor, make two blank documents and save them as “Spotify_new.exe” and “Spotify_new.exe.sig”- without the quotes, the same file names as the ones you deleted.
  4. Right click each file and go to “Properties”.
  5. Check the “Read Only” checkbox on each and close the window.
  6. Restart Spotify and enjoy Spotify with the new design and no auto updates!

    I have tested it and its legit, it does not contain malware, it appears to be the official 0.9.7 version with Stars! Yes, now I have to pray that spotify don't shut down all versions prior to 0.9.7
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Two main threads on the starred topic


If you want Spotify to change the starred system back how it was (kudos here please).


and then this at the moment 51 page thread here

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Thanks for the feedback - any news regarding this request will be announced in the original idea topic here:

Please add your kudos and comments there, if you haven't already. ;)