Bring "What's New" back - Get rid of "Discover"

The new crappy "Discover" page is showing OLD music based my listening history. So now I don't get to try out new music -- where are the listings of new albums? I'm never gonna' know now when Steve Martin brings us anymore bluegrass. The crap "Discover" page is telling me nothing about it. The "What's New" did .... BAD MOVE ... BAD MOVE ...


Hello everyone. Spotify here. We've been reviewing the feedback about Discover and many of you are missing the old new releases section within "What's New". While we don't have plans to bring back the "What's New" page, we wanted to let you know that we've begun drafting initial designs for showing new releases in Spotify. We'll update you as soon as we have more information. For the time being, remember you can still search new releases by putting "tag:new" in the search bar. Stay tuned!

Status: Case Closed

Please bring back What's New, the only useful thing I have found on discover is updates about local live shows.

Music Fan

The Discover page is like that fcking paperclip from Word - patronising, annoying and useless.    It's not so much that the algorithm is patchy, but that it forces itself down your throat.   Here are two things that I like to do:  


1.  If there's an artist I like, or have just discovered, I can use the existing Related Artists view to get a reasonably concise list of who I MIGHT want to check out.  Like anything it's hit and miss but every now and then there's a gem hidden in there.  That works fine and I scroll through the list quickly (would be even quicker if the tiles weren't so massive).  I've discovered new artists this way and it's something that Spotify does reasonably well.


2. Sometimes I want to just want to see what's NEW, in any one of several genres.   I switched to Spotify from Napster because Napster started annoying me but at least they showed new releases (even if half of them were stupid compilation albums, remastered recordings or whatever ... I had the brains to filter those out myself).  


Please bring back What's New, even if it's just an ugly plain flat list, whatever, I don't care !!!




Lets at least have an opt out for this awful  Discover thing ...You haven't listened to Christmas Songs or Mothers Day Album  for a while... blah blah blah. I Signed onto Spotify for its simplicity of use and appearance. Its turning into  a ragbag come dogs breakfast .  Thinking of walking.

Garage Band

Your suggestion search has gone even more south ... you are now telling me what was popular when I was a teenager?  How old to you think I am?  


The Miracles?  Really?  




Who the hell is "Blurry"? 




WHo the hell is Ester Dean? 




Community Legend

With regards to the teenager one, I would assume that is being based off your age either on your online profile or Facebook. Are they both set correctly? 

There may be other issues introduced here, since I am guessing a single wrongly tagged album with regard to date from an artist might throw the algorithm into silly results.


I definitely think my recommendations are getting better as time goes on!



Viral Sensation

Discover is now recommending that I listen to disco because I had the misfortune to be a teenager in the 80s.  Really.  And yes, I voted those down, but new ones just pop up in their place.  Bring back new music.  

Music Fan

Ok for those who want the New Releases back. Well you can't... for now, but! There's an app within spotify called Tunigo. it has new releases same as spotify has. So problem solved.

Music Lover

Agreed, the Discover interface is crap! I keep getting notified of songs I have already listened to and not liked or are different than what I listen too. I feel that the "what's new' page was great and there could always be another link that takes us to that page.


I never understood why companies ignore their paying customers and insist that they know better and foist their retarded, unwanted ideas on a clearly unreceptive userbase. Clearly, someone high up at Spotify has dug their heels in on this "Discover" B.S., despite it clearly being a completely useless turd of a feature.


This may help.  Spotify does have a new music playlist you can follow. Every Tuesday, they put all new music in it.


New Releases on Spotify - US


Hopefully, whoever it is at Spotify who seems to HATE the idea that customers might have access to new music, won't see this post and delete this very useful playlist.

Gig Goer

Discover is terrible, miss the "what's new" feature. Add me to the chorus.