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I would love to see a soundtracks genre in the Spotify browser.
There's absolutely thousands and thousands of soundtracks from movies, series and games in Spotify but no easy genre navigation like other styles of music.

I compose and produce lots of soundtracks and have them all in my verified Spotify profile.

So, please add a "soundtracks" genre.




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Updated: 2015-06-15

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)
This idea is a re-post of this inactive idea.


Yes, yes a hundred times yes. Best music to listen while I want to concentrate is soundtracks but Spotify provides zero ways to browse that genre making it rather hard to find new soundtracks.


As a premium user for 4 years, I can't believe this isn't something that's ocurred to me before. I can't imagine it would take much to add a soundtrack filter to the Spotify Database. This should absolutely be implemented.


Absolutely needed! It takes me forever to hunt for new releases, etc...


Epic music and soundtrack music is getting very popular needing its own sub category on Youtube having more than 200 Youtube channels to its success. Making it a category that needs to be firmly implemented into Spotify bringing in big names like Two steps to hell and Audio machine. Spotify really needs to implement this category in order to have a variety of support around music i know there are plenty of soundtrack/epic music artists on Spotify and would be very interested in being in this category. If this doesn't get implemented as its own category and gets put under classical i'll be very disappointed in order for this to work it needs to be its own category. I have noticed that there are plenty of silly category like travel, dinner so there really should be no trouble bringing in this category. I hope you can give me support on this topic spotify as it really disappointed as i'm a very big fan of soundtrack/epic music.




I am new to the community and had just added  a soundtrack genre request yesterday and was sent to this link here. 


I could listen to relaxing soundtracks all day long.  The addition of this genre to Spotify would enhance the overall appeal to Spotify immensly.  


Thank you 


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Please implement this idea, it's such a pain as you can't browse only search by a specific one you want to find, or search "soundtrack" and scroll down an never ending unsorted list.


As stated above, these are typically Movies, TV Series or Video Games, and each of those Categories can be further divided into sub-categories. I'd like a New Releases plus what's popular on Spotify for soundtracks with others and classics.


This was a feature until it was unexplicably turned off earlier in the year.

I would love to see it return as soundtracks don't get much of a look-in elsewhere in the app and don't seem to get a mention in the 'New Releases' either...


So please, bring back 'Soundracks' to the genre listings!


There really should be a Soundtracks section for Movies, for TV, etc. Apple Music does this beautifully. I can easily browse and find sountracks from anywhere. I find it odd that Spotify needs to "gage interest" in this feature before committing resources to making it happen. The idea of Soundtracks as a genre is as established as any other. Every record store I can remember used to have a section for them. It's not like it's some unusual request.


This is purley the only music I listen to on Spotify. Given that there is no easy was to search for soundtracks it's just baffiling why it doesn't have it's own genre.


This has been requested for years but Spotify seem blinded in our request that should be so easy to implement.


It is funny how Dinner, Sleep, Workout, Travel can all be found in the genre section yet an actual recognised genre that is so popular doesn't get a place. Please fix this Spotify, this is something that is also holding off me and possible others from getting a payed account and enjoying the music we so love.


P.s. Erik thats some epic music  :) keep creating