[Browse] Hide Playlists from Suggestions

I'd like to hide some playlists from my Browse suggestions. The suggestions feature itself was awesome until it started showing me Finnish playlists, which I don't like. If I could hide them and any other playlists I don't like, the feature would once again be useful.


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I just wanted to do that and realized there is no way 😞


Agreed.  There are several recommended playlists that I would rather not see or find inappropriate.  And every time I open the Spotify Desktop app, I am forced to see these. 

Especially "Bedroom Jams", right on the front page.... really????




I agree!

This is important to me. I live in a country that has a different culture from mine, and spotify simply assumes that my interests align with my IP address and/or credit card info. This is like a disease thing in everything related to computers and the interent the last decade or so, and it's only getting worse. Come on, let the user choose again. Or at least show me some stuff based on my preferences. I'm not interested in mexican pop, no matter how many times you show it to me, and at some point I'll just move to apple or tidal if this doesn't change.


Just because I live in Canada does not mean I am able to bear the sight of Justin f***ing Bieber every time I open Spotify.

I'd very much like the ability to hide his face everywhere applicable, especially on the Browse homepage.


Thank you in advance for letting us have a say in what we like AND dislike.

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Same here.


It's annoying that spotify assumes that, since I live on Mexico, I just want to see some playlist of some "popular (and regional) artist" as a suggestion... I mean, why not (as @sbeddari suggests) use the user preferences (and/or to some extente, the listening history) to determine what the user would like to listen.


As a side note, I think that determine suggestions based solely on geographic location isn't so convenient for some (many?) of us. I've some friends/colleagues, that had stopped using the service for (mainly) this solely detail... Yeah, I think that they went a little too radical doing that, but I can see why they have done it. I really think that this could be a huge improvement for the service.


Thanks in advance.


For me the problem is not where the music comes from. I'm in the UK, but listen to lots of music coming out of Germany AND Finland (it's not ALL about growling metal folks). I like music from all over the world. There's good, bad and mediocre everywhere.


I like many genres - classical, blues, 60s, electronic, rock, metal, ambient, folk, dark country, prog rock........etc, BUT



I DON'T CARE what's in the top 20 or whatever. Right now I'm getting HOT HITS UK, BRIT AWARDS nominees and RAPCAVIAR. I sure as hell don't want WORKOUT, HIP-HOP, RAP or DANCE (at least not today's version of dance) and there's nothing I've ever played or queued to suggest I do.


I'm also being offered RAPWORKOUT. At my age I'd probably end up with a slipped disc if I tried a workout. Make it a rap workout and I'd lose the will to live.


As for what's TRENDING (scream!!!) the last thing I've ever wanted to be is "trendy". I prefer to think for myself, thank you. I'd much rather support a really good struggling but unknown artist than jump on anyone's darn Rhianna for Queen bandwagon. I guess I'll just have to live with the trendies though.


We're all different, and we all have both likes AND dislikes. We should all be able to use BOTH to improve our own flavour of Spotify.


I'm starting to wonder if we can get a word from Spotify about this issue, or at least know if this is a dead end?


Again, it would be wonderful if we can hide (or get rid) some playlists from Browse tab, or at least that such playlists were based on our personal musical tastes (as others had said: based on our history, likes, and dislikes).


I hope that this idea don't fall on abandonment as many others ideas, as this is a really "must have" feature.


For context, support folk: imagine we set your browser homepage to the Daily Mail, and forbid you to change it. 


Same here. Living in Latin America and liking Jazz, Chill and Japanese music just doesn't work. I have to seriously dig deep into the browse section to get to ANYTHING I like. Sure, I'm 19, woman, Latin America, but I could vomit every time I hear or see any of the "local" hits. If I had a dollar for every time it's recommended to me, I could hire all my favorite artists, even the dead ones, to play for me all day long.