[Browse] Sort & Filter New Releases by Genre

I don't understand why Spotify can't sort new releases by genre. This seems pretty obvious to me

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Marked as new idea. This idea requests that the new release section in Browse can be sorted by genre.

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I completely agree, this is something we would love to have.

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the most important idea... a killer feature to sort new releases by genres


YES! ALSO, it would be even better to be able to filter between singles and albums only!


would love to have this!


Something else that needs to be added is to PUT ALL NEW RELEASES ON HERE, NOT JUST THE MOST POPULAR. This week, an album by Crowbar came out.  Where is it in the new releases section?  I checked Rdio and they had it listed under new releases, along with a lot of other metal albums that came out this week.  I agree that we need more sort options too.

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Agreed totally, my biggest pet peeve with Spotify, as much as I love it, is the lack of ACTUAL new releases in the 'Browse - New Releases' section.  As previously mentioned, I too have to check with Rdio to sort through a complete list of new releases or alternately, open up the 'Playlists.net' APP which does a better job of including New Releases than Spotify does. 


Good point.  Other services have it broken down by albums that came out THAT WEEK, then albums that were released in previous weeks. Spotify's list seem to be just thrown together with no real organization.  Don't get me started...


One of Spotify's weak points.


Seriously spotify get your **bleep** together and apply all these addons and more. I have a huge list of updates you guys could introduce. I dont know if its because of html style or what. It cant be funding so put a crew together and ADD FEATURES!!!!! Basically just give all the features itunes has. Then you will be above itunes because you already have cool apps that give you lyric for lyric and stuff like that. JUMP ON IT!!! plz :* xoxoxoxo Chantz **bleep**ing Farr