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I think Spotify should be available for business use.
The client could be tailored for business use and report usage directly to the rights-holder organization of the country in question (e.g.. STIM for Sweden). The current state of affairs, is from my understanding, that if you e.g.. play records as background music in a store, you have to report usage and pay the appropriate fees manually.

This is ridiculous and needs top be fixed.

I can't think of a single valid reason, other than the usual music industry sluggishness, that this is not allowed/encouraged.
Should be a nice new market for Spotify to break in to as well. Other than the obvious public markets, like shops and restaurants, there must be lots of businesses were there's a need for music, such as background music for receptions, offices, you name it.

At this time, you cannot use spotify in such a setting, as it would violate the personal license agreement.


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Would like to play spotify on my restaurant in Sweden that's not legal on my account. Can't you fix so company´s (restaurants) can buy an account for public use?




And what for "Artists rights" in Belgium.

Can play spotify, but am paying "rights" on top.


i think the issue would be around set capacity at the specific venues. commercial venues have been playing music publically for years and paying for it, so i agree with you, why not tap into this market. 


This would be great.

I run a facility with multiple sounds systems and buildings.


Pandora has a comercial plan, but it requires a physical box, which is ill fited for my set up.


Yeah this Idea would be great, I would like to use spotify in a bussiness environment as well. In The Netherlands we have Buma as a rights organisation, they are collecting money and divid it by ratio not per actual play (in commercial buildings etc).


Spotify Bussiness would be great:

- different user acces levels (to determin which music can be played where)

- sent monthly log files with songs and numbers of plays to the Rights Organisation

- multiple login account (with a resonable fee per extra account)


So I hope this will be introduced soon, maybe some one is on it allready I would like to know!





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In Sweden you can buy a STIM license agreement for playing music in your store. It is cheap and easy. I pay SEK 1000/year for my 60 square meter store.

More info


I am confused by what I am reading.


I am opening a market (in the UK) and wanted to play Spotify music in the background for everyone to enjoy while they are shopping.  I planned to do this by paying the Premium rate to Spotify for unlimited usage and I have applied for a Public Music Licence.


Can I not do this?  Is there some reason that this would not be allowed?


The alternative for me would be to buy a music player and never to use Spotify - only CDs etc - surely this would be insane.


Please advise as I am a very keen user of Spotify and have promoted it to many people.  It would be such a shame if I had to stop using it.


Thank you.






I work for an independent shop and we currently use ipod playlists in our shop, but this becomes repetitive very quickly. Is there a reason we cannot use Spotify (Premium of course) to play music in the shop with a music license? We already have the license of course, but Spotify would make things so much easier!


As this is meant to be getting reviewed again after 40 'kudos' I hope for a reply soon.




I think it would be great with business-accounts on Spotify. I'm sure nightclubs, pubs, stores, gyms, even elevators(!) would be very pleased with such an option. Businesses could just pay a larger monthly fee than regular consumers.