[CarPlay] Lift CarPlay 200 song limit

I'd like to be able to see all songs in my playlist, not just the first 200 songs. Please lift the limit.

Edit: The idea has been reposted here


Updated on 2018-05-24


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this 200 limit also affects lists of artists


Same issue here! Very annoying.. This problem also appears in 'Artists', I think it's common to have more than 200 artists in your library


It's currently down right dangerous. Being most people have way more than the current limit of followed artists / albums. I can currently only scroll down to a-s on artists. Which means I have to disconnect my phone whilst driving to find the artist past S and hit play... Then reconnect! 


It could be deemed lethal 


It also would be nice to be able to see all the artists or albums in my spotify library, instead of whatever limit it's set at right now.


**it is! I really don't understand why they haven't fixed it. It's been a reported bug since 2016.

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Is this improvement already on the roadmap?

Or have you only marked this fix as idea but the ETA is unknown?


I can only browse from A to L now on the artist list :-((((


Is this also an issue on Android phones, anyone knows?


It’s not a Phone issue, but a limitation in the CarPlay application.

I also hope spotify will change this asap, cause it’s getting more and more irritating every time i get into my car.

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So sad, that there is no reaction from Spotify..

In my opinion this should be not that hard to fix!