[CarPlay] Search within Spotify

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Currently, I can only browse saved artists, playlists I've created or curated playlists from Spotify in the CarPlay app. Please also turn on the ability to search the catalog as it severely limits the functionality of the app in CarPlay and forces users to be unsafe and use the app on their phone while driving to enjoy Spotify fully.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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New idea?

Give me a break....

If that option wasnt top 3 on the requirement list in version 1.0, I'd be hugely surprised. 

Seriously Spotify, whats going on? Why is search not possible in Apple Carplay?


What a shock to find this on first use of the CarPlay app, unless I'd found this post I would of been convinced it had an error in the app. Come on Spotify sort it out 


The inability to search when using the IOS app with carplay is considered a 'new idea' !

Seriously !

Please add this. I'm sure many users are having to use their phones to search which is unsafe.


Without a search function, spotify on carplay is pretty useless. I don't always want to listen to my playlists, sometimes I want to listen to a certain artist or song. Please make it possible to search spotifiy in carplay.



Yes please **bleep** this is so annoying. Why can't you search??? Saved artists is so limiting...


Totally agree. +1


I agree, this is a fundamental flaw that the search function is missing!


Really Spotify??? This should be fixed already!! Please!


Went to search using car play and I ended up looking everywhere since I was convinced it must have one somewhere... Nope. That's one of the dumbest design decisions I've seen. Fix it please.