[CarPlay] Voice Command in CarPlay

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The new in-app voice search/command in the iOS app is fantastic and works great. You should add a tab in carplay that allow for voice searches and commands. 

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Yes 100% agree, currently I have to get my phone out the armrest box and do a search.. a bit more dangerous than if I'd had my phone out like the days before carplay!

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Updated on 2018-05-31

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This is a no-brainer... just do it!!


+1  - just do it ...





Just a microphone button at the top would be enough, as long as I can make the same search queries for artists, playlists, songs, etc.


It’s clearly doable because both Apple Maps and Google Maps allow searches in the same way. 


+ Spotify, customers clearly want this and it isn’t a difficult change to make, so what’s the hold up?



This seems like a super basic feature that should exist. If it’s not added soon then I may just cancel my Spotify account and go back to Apple Music. 


+1 for this, I use CarPlay with Spotify every day, and its so frustrating not to be able to search for tracks while I’m driving. 


Adding voice search would improve Spotify tremendously on CarPlay. If like me you have a lot of albums saved to your library it makes it virtually impossible to scroll through your collection alphabetically while driving. I find I rely on my recently played list to select something quickly which is really restrictive. Incidentally voice search is used in Waze on CarPlay and in my view it’s one of its best features.