Catalogue for Asian Music

I don't know how many people would actually want this, but in order to have anime music, J-Pop, or K-Pop on my Spotify playlist, I currently have to go through a LOT of effort to download it elsewhere so I can add it as a local file to Spotify and sync it to my account. I would love to see a proper up-to-date catalogue for those genres, especially being able to find new music in those categories as they're released real time 🙂

Thanks for giving us a great way to listen to music, I hope it only gets better from here!
Updated: 2016-07-01

Hello and thanks for the feedback!
Spotify is always trying to add as much music content as possible. If a track/album/artist isn't available (in a certain country) it's mostly the decision of the artist or their label. You may want to contact the Artist directly about the missing content. For more information about that topic, please have a read at point 5 of the official FAQs respecting additional music requests here.