[Charts] Option to download Charts Playlists offline


I would love to have the possibility to download offline the Top Charts (like Top 50 Italy) like any other playlist.




Updated on 2018-06-16


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I would like to listen to charts offline as well.


Please allow this feature on Mac and Mobile.

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You might also want to add your kudos to a similar idea about following those playlists here.

It would be nice to be able to "follow" and make charts available offline.

Yes please!  This ability was broken when the Viral 50 playlists were changed to the chart format.  It makes me wonder whether this was done by design?


This idea is partially available on Google Play at the moment (you can sync a curated playlist just like any other personal list or single song), but what would make it even cooler would be to have the possibility to mark these playlists for continuously updating differential sync whenever Wifi/mobile network connectivity is available (depending on your dataplan usage selection in the settings). 


The Google one only syncs a snapshop in time so if the list changes you need to unsync and resync the whole list again which is a bit of a bother for a few new songs and delete a few old ones. 


Got screwed with this once at an airport where I tried to refresh the offline sync of a Top40 list and unsync'd the existing offline copy I had on my phone and started the resync 10min prior to boarding and managed to get like 3 songs on my phone for the whole flight =(


So differential sync update of these lists would be über cool!

por favor, disponibilizem as listas das 50 mais tocadas no mundo para o modo offline.
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You can if your in the united states (Maybe other countries too). Just folow the folowing steps. BTW I'm on PC so it might be a little different then on ur phone. Links that are right after steps are photos. It shortens my post this way and some people dont need photos to guide them.


1. Open spotify and search "Top Tracks in The United States" and click the playlist with the USA Flag on it.


2. Click follow like you would on a normal playlist then download it like you would normally.


As you can see this is a playlist by Spotify and you can even download it from your phone (See Here: It is exactly the same as the top 50 tracks that you can find under the charts section. Only difference is that there are no red or green arrows or blue dots to show rank changes. Just make sure you sort it by date otherwise the rankings will change orders. 


If you want to find other top 50 or even top 100 tracks in other countries just click spotify and it will take you to this page (


Click on Public Playlists ( and scroll through the very long list of playlist untill you find the country you are looking for.


 What i did was to add them manually. Click first item then shift key + click the last, when you have all selected create new list

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See that works but the lists don't auto update.

Yes i know, i came here looking for a solution too. they should implement
this, it would be a really nice feature.