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Please, allow custom installation on Windows, to be able to select the folders where the program and its files reside. I installed Spotify recently and was dismayed at observing how the clutter grows inside my profile. The profiles in turn are in a disk with limited capacity, all user work is put on another partition, but currently Spotify only allows to select the cache location. I did that, but the space used in my profile continues growing with the database used by Spotify.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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good idea.
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Marked as new idea. This idea requests the ability to choose the installation location of Spotify.
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I don't care where you put it as long as it's not in the AppData folder. IT policies are quickly moving to block all executables in this folder. This makes Spotify unusable.  I'm switching to Rdio and canceling my premium subscription until this changes.

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Seriously, a new idea? This has been requested countless times in the support forums. Not only are enterprise admins blocking installation to app data folders, this is also effected by folder redirection and roaming profiles in large domain based networks. it is simply ridiculous to not allow users to select the installation directory. PLEASE add this feature.


If this can't be accomplished then please at least don't run the executable from appdata, just store data and config there.


Please let the user choose where he wants to install. However - at least remove the automatically installation to the appdata! Thank you!


This idea is overdue for far too long.  I work as an IT manager and we have this as an ongoing issue, so many of our people use spotify, myself included, but the need to run from an insecure location as the only option is just unacceptable.  I get that you want to make the install as easy as possible for people and that's perfectly fine, but make a freaking deployable version for IT, I'd gladly put that on machines for people so that I knew it was in the correct location.


This must be fixed. Installing executables in the users roaming profile is just plain stupid, and really surprising for a company like Spotify. 


Yes please!


I feel like this should be a no-brainer.  every reputable program under the sun installs in the program files directory.