[Chromecast] Crossfade when using Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Any progress on enabling crossfade while casting to a Chromecast Audio device?


Has been asked many times over the years but, despite positive community feedback, has still not been implemented. 


Would be an awesome feature when playing music over chromecast for parties to avoid silence between songs. 

Updated on 2020-09-22



Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (100 Kudos per year). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

If you think this is an idea which needs to be implemented, you're welcome to post it in a slightly different form 🙂


Have a nice day!

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I seriously cannot understand why this feature does not exist...I see that few people have voted fir it but wonder if that is more an issue with the process for submission of ideas/ feed back. Why wouldn't you want option to Cross fade when streaming to Chromecast? Come on guys!




Hey polag!


This feature is active only for the device that you're using to play the music for example your phone or computer. When you use a Chromecast device, you're using Connect meaning that the device where the music is played is not the same where the crossfade is active. We hope this clear things up for you and we'll make sure to pass the feedback to the relevant team and let you know is something you'd like to see.


Take care!


Sorry !! This is what I found elswhere in the community. The problem seems to be the used device (= google chromecast).  

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It's a SHAME that such a popular music app such as Spotify for which we are PAYING monthly STILL had no gapless and crossfire support to chromecast.  It's insane! 


I agree !

This is how Spotify announced the crossfade feature in 2012 !!

As a classical-music-lover with chromecast in the year 2018 I don´t can use this useful feature.

Right now the chromecast-problem-solving is called ´a new idea´.

I think it should be a most-urgent-priority-project.

I ask the community for support.


Mind the gap! Spotify now with gapless playback and crossfade

Here at Spotify, we’re always looking for ways to improve the music you hear. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce the release of gapless playback and crossfade – coming soon with your next Spotify upgrade.

Gapless playback lets the tracks flow seamlessly, one to the next, without any silence between. Perfect for classical music, live recordings and concept albums.

It’s such a useful feature that the new release of Spotify will have gapless ‘On’ by default. If you want to turn it off, it’ll be right there in your Spotify Preferences.

Get the party started with crossfade

Another much-requested feature is crossfade – fading out one song as you bring another in. Now you can DJ to your heart’s content!




Can we have this feature please? I believe this is a neccessity and im sure other users do


I totally agree.. this is so important.

I am user that creates playlist typically for myself, but also when having a party. And there the Crossfade option would be fantastic. I only listen to Spotify through Spotify connect..so really

.we need this. Thanks Robert

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Dear Spotify, could we please have the crossfade button on Chromecast. We need it! We need it so bad, pleaseee??


This is actually becoming a problem. i also wish to not have my queue constantly changed to the beginning of my playlist by the chromecast. can we have these bugs sorted




Having the ability to cross-fade songs when using chromeast audio would make a massive difference. At the moment this severely lets the Spotify system down - and means plugging your phone into the stereo is actually the more advanced option. That makes absolutely no sense and rather detracts from the supposed advantages of the system.


Don't get me wrong, Spotify casting to Chromecast is fantastic - but it could so easily be so much better!


Thank you.



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