[Chromecast] Support Backdrop Wallpapers (Screensaver)



I would like to be able to view the live wallpapers (backdrop) while playing to a Chromecast, instead of the static album artwork. It is really a soothing experience to view photos from all over the world while listening to music.

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hi everyone.

This idea has been Not Right Now for a while so we'll be setting to Case Closed.

If we have new information we'll be back to provide an update.

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I agree - but mostly because I listen to a lot of music and I;d be a little worried about screen burn.

It waould be nice for spotify to default to teh chromecast backdrop options but, really, i'd prefer something a little more 'Spotify' related.

I'd like the screen elements to move around to avoid screen burn and possibly some cycling of the discovery an dnew releases page - even elements that include artists biogs

The comment from my (duplicate) post: Currently the Spotify's Chromecast UI is very static and prone to burn-in on old Plasma televisions. It would be great if the UI could be improved to minize this effect. Google Play Music for example does this the following way: Once a new track starts it shows the album cover with all the information in full-screen for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds a smaller thumb is displayed of the album cover, with some other information (like the current play offset), which changes it location about every 20 seconds. It's worth thinking about, and I'm curious how many people also have this problem.
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Definitely would like this implemented. Really liked that when I had Google Play Music
My wife and I stopped using Spotify because of this missing feature. I feel odd calling it a feature because this should be standard on any app of this nature. Spotify is great but it's not worth ruining an expensive TV. I can't wrap my brain around why this would not have been included. We've switched over to Google music which has this feature built in. I hope for the sake of others it is added but at this point I don't think we'll be returning to Spotify. This might sound extreme but we mostly used Spotify in the living room through chromecast and we like to use just one app on all platforms to maintain the user experience, playlists, etc... for when we do use it else where.

Well I don't think this is coming anytime soon. Been 2 months. Would love to see it. I get Spotify free for 2 years through my carrier but if I didn't I would be going Google Music for sure. Doesn't look like they care to implement something so basic like every other music app does.

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Me too pls...

Adding my support for this. Love the app but very worried about burn in! Even just decreasing the saturation after a few minutes would be something... 

I would like the option of nothing on the TV screen at all. I'm just listening to music and get distracted by the tv.

I wonder if it would be possible to have some sort of reactive screensaver type thing. Where it moves or changes to the beat of the music.

No idea if that's possible, but I think it would be awesome.