Collaborative playlist option to Add only and with Admin rights

Sorry if this has been thrown around already:

love the new collaborative playlist. I started one and shared a link on my blog in hopes of getting my followers to add songs and create a collaborative Best of 2012 playlist. The problem is that anyone with the link can delete tracks as well as add. If possible, I would love to have an option where only the admin can delete tracks and/or the person who added them.

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(BTW, playlist here:
OURS 2012- A collaborative playlist )

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Completely agree with this. had all my tracks deleted on one playlist, so annoying.


Spotify, please could you respond to this? Is there a way to stop this destructive editing? Currently the system seems a bit too trusting...


affected playlist is BUGGED OUT NYD 2012 -- never forget


is there a way to restore it?



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Most important feature out there. My list of permission features for playlist are as follows: 1) Owner: a permanent admin, manages admins. 2) Admins: users who can add and remove songs to and from the list. 3) Contributors: users who can add music to the list. 4) Listeners: users who can listen to the playlist. 5) Publicly playable playlist: everyone (instead of just the listeners) can listen to the playlist. 6) Publicly contributable playlist: everyone (instead of just the contributors) can add songs to the playlist. (Can not be made local.) 7) Publicly administrated playlist: everyone (instead of just the admins) can manage the playlist. (Can not be made local.) 8) Banned users for public playlists. Then, I also voted for similar feature (Social playlists), a playlist should have a chat.
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To all the persons who need this feature I have a tip: keep backup playlists.

Hey Spotify,
Is there any plan to add some kind of admin rights to collaborative playlists since users last posted to this thread? My place of employment, a popular music reviews/metadata website, has recently been doing themed collaborative playlists as one way of inviting our writers and users to interact. Unfortunately, I'm finding that users are not just adding their picks, but removing ours and possibly other users', which kind of ruins the fun. At the very least, it would be very helpful if the playlist creator could add/remove/change order of songs, while other users could only add songs (and possibly also remove the ones they added).


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