Color Changing (I know threes a bunch of these, just read)

I have found a way of doing this deep in the files and I know its easily achievable, IM 16 and love spotifuggle, I have been using it since age 11 and since I began A-level music I am paying for spotifuggle and its fair to say EVERYONE is getting tired of grey, personalization will add to the appeal of spotifuggle and will help your business as well as keeping customers happy, sooner or later someone will post a video on youth showing people how to do it and wont wait for an update from you guys as it will be useless, give this a thought as due to the demand people will be considering doing it their self like me but unlike me others will publicly post it.


Thanks for reading.


Ethan Ashington

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Sorry for spotifuggle, spell checker sucks.


P.S.: fix your spell checker to not replace your own Company name.

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There is a topic on how to change Spotify skins here along with a galery of existing skins created by @Premify here. 🙂



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Thanks Peter!

Also Ethan, make sure to add your kudos to this idea about an official skin changer.

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