Columnless Space saving on smaller screens, remove hard columns option.

Columnless mode. Screen space efficiency for smaller desktop screens.

 This saved space can then be used to add even more features and information on one screen without scrolling.



This could be default, or it could be an option. But the idea is to remove columns, to save space on smaller screen for desktop application, while also showing more text at the same time.



It's a pretty simple idea.


Let's say we have this songs. This is how it looks now.


Seven Nation Army        | The White St...| 3:51| Elephant          |3 Days

If I'm James Dean, you...| Sleeping Wit...| 4:11| With Ears To Se...|10 Months


Notice all the wasted space and very abbreviated titles.



Instead, with removing columns, it would compactify the spacing for every song.


 3 Days 3:51 + Seven Nation Army | The White Stripes | Elephant         

10 Mos 4:11 + If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn | Sleeping With Sirens | With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear


Full titles, Readable, and much more space efficient.



You can see I put far left terms that are always similar in text size. Age, Time, and Saved. This makes it easier to follow assumed columns, until album names and bands, start getting really long. 




This idea meshes with my other idea:


To provide fuller titles, and more ogranized, without giving up anything but empty space.


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