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Sometimes I come across two long playlists that I really like. Can there please be a way to combine two playlists together?

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I would like a way to have a playlist that combined all downloaded music on my device and can shuffle between them.  


i was trying to do the same exact thing 


Highlight all songs in one playlist (shift+end), then drag-and-drop to the other


Highlighting all songs in a list and draging did not work. Can not highlight more than one song at a time. Shift + end does nothing when I have the top song in a list highlighted. Is there a way to merge playlists?

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You can highlight all the tracks in a playlist by pressing ctrl+a and then drag all the tracks to the playlist where you want them, or cut (ctrl+x) or copy (ctrl+c) and then paste (ctrl+v) the tracks in the new playlist.

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Doing the click/drag thing doesn't work if new songs are added to an active playlist, unless you go back to said playlist, sort by the date added column and click and drag into the new list. It would be cool to Ctrl+Click, and then have a menu option to combine the lists, then any new songs could be picked up in the newly created/named list.

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You could create a playlist folder for those 2 playlists: Spotify menu => File => New playlist folder ;)

Would like to have this feature on mobile device. Rarely use spotify on home PC.
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As mentioned you could just highlight all songs of 1 playlist and copy them into the other.

There exists also a new idea about the same thing with an option to prevent duplicates here:

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