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I've been using Spotify for a long time now and have been participating in a collaborative playlist with three friends for over two years.


One function that would hugely improve our enjoyment of the collaborative playlist would be for us to be able to comment on individual songs in the playlist and start a critical discussion of the song's merits (between only the members of the collaborative playlist). Each song could have a drop down arrow which when clicked expands a collapsable list below it with the discussion thread.


I'm surprised that this function doesn't already exist. It would be great if you could add it, or otherwise let me know why this can;t be done.



Updated: 2015-09-02

As many people requested in the comments, this idea will be re-opened in a new idea here:

Add your kudos and comments there please to show if it's still a highly requested feature! 😉


LOVE this idea! Smiley Happy

What a stonkingly bonne idée.

Hey, I think this is a great idea too. I just edited the title to make it a bit less 'shouty'

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That would be awesome


Came here to suggest this!! Would love to see this.


Could also have a "playlist thread" or "playlist chatter" where collaborative participants could have general dicussion about the playlist.  Maybe this would be better in the long run than comments on every song?


My friends and I use collaborative playlists both to share new stuff we're listening to, but also to find music for video soundtracks. It would be reeeally helpful to be able to comment directly on the track in the playlist to see who likes it and why/why not. It wouldn't need to be something as complicated as Soundcloud, but seriously just a note telling someone why I added a song to the playlist would be awesome.


Even something as simple as seeing if someone else on the playlist has starred a song. Just some indication of whether someone else liked or didn't like a song.



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I like this idea very much!

Was one of the first things I was looking for when a friend of mine and I started a common list. I am suprised that it does not exist, since communication and discussions about the playlist would be faster. Now it is only possible with secondary media.

I came here wishing for this. It's sort of been annoying me the last couple of years because it really worsens the collab playlist a lot. Sometimes you might want to add a song without really having decided whether it's good or not and you want some input from your friends. Or maybe you want to tell a story with the song. Unfortunately this isn't, as previously said, possible, which makes it sort of inflexible, superficial and stale after a while. Which is a shame because it could be such a fantastic feature. Please add this function. It would greatly improve the collaborative playlists.

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Hello folks!

We are trying to make our app more social and this would be an awesome way to keep doing it.

That is why we are considering now to include comments on playlists, check this idea and add your kudos/comments!

We might come back to this idea in the future and the you might be able to add comments on songs as well. Check out this and the other idea for next updates.

Thanks for your feedback, you are all making Spotify an awesome product!

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