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I've been using Spotify for a long time now and have been participating in a collaborative playlist with three friends for over two years.


One function that would hugely improve our enjoyment of the collaborative playlist would be for us to be able to comment on individual songs in the playlist and start a critical discussion of the song's merits (between only the members of the collaborative playlist). Each song could have a drop down arrow which when clicked expands a collapsable list below it with the discussion thread.


I'm surprised that this function doesn't already exist. It would be great if you could add it, or otherwise let me know why this can;t be done.



Updated: 2015-09-02

As many people requested in the comments, this idea will be re-opened in a new idea here:

Add your kudos and comments there please to show if it's still a highly requested feature! 😉


I would also like to rate my songs and compare my ratings with those in a collaborative list with you. In other words, each user can rate the song differently.


This should be reopened and implemented ASAP. Almost every platform allows comments. Hell, technically this is a comment. Make it 141 characters just to one up Twitter and you're golden in my book.

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I think this should be opened too! double kudos on this!


This should absolutely happen! 🙂


This MUST happen. Pandora has this. Why doesn't Spotify?


I use a collaborative playlist to share songs that are up for remix contests on various sites, so I want a comment field so I can at least put in the date submissions are due. I can think of so many uses for a comment field, much like sending a message when you send someone a track. When you collaborate on a playlist, the other people may need to know something about the songs you added! I think this should be voted!


Almost been a year and a half. Can we get a status update on this?

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I just wanted to thank you for adding you "Discover" Section; it has widened my choises a great deal, and I love how you catered to my needs with similar music that I listen to.  Some of the music I listen to is rather obscure, so what you have doine with the "Discover" Section really helps!  Thanks again,




I was just coming here to add the same idea. It would be a greeeeat social improvement


right lt me get this strait i hate that you only have a hour to listen to music it is crap and **bleep** spotify has lost a customer and im not buying premier so.

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