Commercials should be no louder than the median volume of the last song played.

There I am, sitting in my office, enjoying a beautiful rendition of Brahms Intermezzo in B-flat minor. It's peaceful. It's serene. Suddenly, "AT ADVANCE AUTO PARTS WE DON'T JUST ... " Oh my God, everyone is staring! " ... WE GO FULL THROTTLE!!!" The same way the volume goes to full throttle at commercial?
I am aware that advertisements have been louder than the base medium for decades, but the problem is we aren't as stupid as our parents. Sorry, mom and dad, but you had the opportunity to do something about loud commercials when you first heard them 500 years ago. The point is we don't have to put up with them and we know it. We have many more alternatives now than ever in history including vast stores of personal music as well as competing broadcasters.  
I can already hear the responses: "If you don't like the commercials then you should buy a subscription." I actually don't mind commercials. I mind the increase in volume. The ads are so loud that I feel harassed. They are jarring, grating, and at best disrespectful of the user. The image that comes to mind is Spotify putting a gun to my head and saying, "You know we wouldn't be in this situation if you would just hand over the money." I refuse to financially support a company that tries bully its customers into subscriptions. That is not a user-friendly practice. On the contrary it's user-hostile. I should emphasize that my refusal of support includes exiting Spotify which causes Spotify to lose out on an entire afternoon of visual and auditory ads.
Some users support Spotify by purchasing a subscription. Other users support Spotify by allowing themselves to be subject to advertisements. Both should be viable listening options.
The remedy is simple. Be courteous to your customers. Respect your users' environments by respecting the volume levels they set. Commercials should be no louder than the median volume of the last song played. If that were the case, I would listen to Spotify all day. I can also guarantee that I would feel much more inclined to purchase a subscription if I thought I was was doing business with a company that treated it's users with empathy and consideration.
Having said this, I have to say that I doubt this issue will be taken seriously. Businesses don't do things just for the sake of being nice to their customers anymore. We don't expect for-profit companies to set good examples. 
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You're not the only one that is bothered about too loud ads.

It's been already suggested here. Add your kudos to support it. ;)

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I absolutely agree with this and the best part about it is that I always have. I must add that there a quite a difference between the bombing furniture commercials on television that we see every now and again and the arguable membership harrassment you clearly emphasized. With the growing awareness of both, there must be sparks flying somewhere soon. Thanks for speaking up with the people that think the exact same! (You know, I had this astonishing event happen to me when I was hosting a Halloween party.)


What bothers me even more is that Spotify misses exceptional chances: customized adverts! I perhaps would mind less the loss of my eardrums if the music blaring through the speakers at the volume of a small helicopter would SOMEHOW reflect my interests. I surely WON'T be someone who is convinced that buying the new album of [insert stupid gangsta/dance/whatever crap here] is a good idea when i'm listening to mellow acoustic music before that.


When I started on Spotify I was convinced that I would buy a subscription but the really awfully RUDE way to treat non-paying customers rather scares me off. Now I'm more like "screw you, if you want to FORCE me I won't buy it!"


yep. agitates me.

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As @Premify mentions, this has already suggested here. Add your kudos to support it. ;)
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I'm fairly certain that the guys that did this Advance Auto Parts commercial are the same geniuses that put together that annoying as hell Trojan condom commercial.  I would rip my earbuds out each time that one came on.  I also don't mind commercials, but i'd rather hear two commercials than one decibel-shattering piece of crap.


I strongly agree, that Spotify are trying to annoy its listenners if they dont subscribe. The type of commercials used is very ridiculous...


I don't mind the ads, but please don't make them so loud and use better targeting. I take off my earphones whenever I hear that stupid Advanced Auto Parts commercial. I can't understand why I'm being targeted since I live in NYC and don't own a car. Spotify needs to be smarter about targeting ads. I log in using Facebook, they have my personal data. Spotify, be smart and use some of that data to figure out better ad targeting. NYC subway riders under 35 with no car -- probably not the best target for auto parts.