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[Community][Podcasts] Get rid of the vax misinformation dealer, Rogan. Bring back Neil Young.

You have made a serious error in providing a platform to the purveyor of misinformation, Rogan.  I can't believe you are wasting money on this guy.  He is literally killing people.

Neil Young has done the right thing.  I want to listen to Neil's music.  I have no incentive in hearing Rogan's misinformation.   

I'm sure that there are many other people who feel similarly.  There is no room for fools who murder people with absurd conspiracy theories.

I will now have to find another way to listen to Neil Young.  Since I will have to pay for that method, I will have to cancel my paying family subscription at Spotify until the situation is remedied.

Thanks, Dan 

Updated on 2022-02-08

Hey @dan_dan_a_guitarman


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange!


We’re closing this idea since it doesn’t meet one of our Idea Exchange guidelines, namely point 7: “No pricing, subscription or content related requests.”


Thanks for understanding.


I can't believe people are still shilling for the authoritarians who destroyed the world economy, psychologically damaged children for life, and actually increased covid deaths.


At this point I'm pretty sure your failed policies are based on misinformation. Anyone scared of experts discussing scientific facts for three hours is an enemy of humanity. Discussion, investigation, validation, and open discourse are literally the tenants of scientific investigation.


Please tell me you're a big pharma AI that is modeled to push this nonsense.


I agree wholeheartedly. I am going to complain on this site everywhere, then I will be searching for a new streaming music source unless it it changed immediately to bring Neil Young back!


Carol is not only supporting 2 years of failed covid policy that has lead to record deaths this week, she also doesn't want you to listen to dissenting experts and make your own informed decisions.


About 30% of the population is like Carol. She has no internal monologue and perceives life's information as a set of programming instructions instead of a set of data points to plot into her own cohesive narrative.


At the very least these ignorant people, who are indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths, deserve a substandard music application experience.


They continue to perpetrate crimes against humanity and block the scientific discourse that could save millions more.


I hope they actually start listening to dissent and forging their own opinions but it appears to be too late.


Rogan has now given a massive platform to psychologist Jordan Peterson, who clearly has no idea of the difference between a weather forecasting model and a climate model, to tell the world that climate models can't work!  

As a spotify customer, I am closely watching what you are going to do about misinformation, especially in podcasts with a huge reach like Rogan's. 




Why would you trust the opinion of a psychologist on climate? No one else who listened did.


You seem to be adopting some sort of elitist attitude that everyone but you is too idiotic to discern the veracity of a speaker's statements based on their pedigree and supplemental information from other credible sources.


Your position is a crime against humanity and will surely lead to the destruction of Western civilization if not humanity.


We can't hear expert dissenting opinions in our universities, on television, on social media, and now podcasts? You are quite a dangerous authoritarian and should be ashamed of yourself.


What happens during the next crisis when the authority figures are wrong and no credible dissent is allowed thanks to your draconian policies?


Do we follow Trump, Biden, or some other lesder blindly without being able to question the veracity of their statements?


You are the biggest danger civilization has encountered in decades.


I’ve been a Spotify member for years and this is the 1st issue that has me strongly considering leaving. Is there any hope this decision will be reversed?


Bye bye Karen...I mean Dan. A southern man don't need you around anyhow. I didn't know Neil Young was still alive.


Just cancelled premium and signed up for Apple Music. Holy smokes the audio quality is MUCH better, buh bye..


Get rid of anti vax bs and get us Neil Young 


Calling Rogan or anyone who joins his rants and does not challenge his blatant lies and misinformation an expert immediately shows you have no idea how do to basic research. America alone has more than 600,000 dead people. dead. people. And this man is telling you to sniff, inject, take fake stuff and lying about science. 


As long as his “podcast” stays on this platform, any death caused by his misinformation is a death on Spotify’s executive’s hands personally.