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This idea is NOT the same as the one for which I am advocating.


Songkick is a wonderful app that notifies you whenever ANY of the artists in your iTunes or Pandora libraries are playing a concert in your area.  You get notified as soon as the tour date goes up, so you can be sure to plan ahead for buying tickets.  Songkick used to have an app within Spotify that was able to scan your entire Spotify library and track every single artist on the Songkick platform.  Unfortunately, Spotify sunsetted the app in 2014 and has not given Songkick any integration access to continue allowing users to scan Spotify libraries.  What this means is that if you want to continue to use Songkick, you have to manually enter every artist you want to track.


The idea for Spotify is to build Songkick functionality into its own offering:  Send me a push notification or email if any artist in any of my playlists puts up a tour date in any venue near where I live.  Also, give me a calendar view where I can see when my artists are playing in my area.


The "On Tour" feature of Spotify is powered by Songkick, so the data is already there to do this!  However, the current "On Tour" feature only provides very limited functionality.  You need to drill down to the artist level to see upcoming tour events - nobody has time to manually check every single artist in his or her Spotify library once a week to see if that artist has posted tour dates.  Users need this data in the aggregate for all the artists they have added to their playlists!


Please either build this feature internally or grant access to third party apps like Songkick or Bandsintown to scan users' Spotify playlists and auto-add the artists to which they listen!

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You can scan your Spotify library and import the artists to Songkick using their iOS app:


It looks like SongKick has abandoned their Android app as it hasn't been updates in quite a few years.

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MattSuda, thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I'm on Android, so I don't have the functionality.  The Songkick post I linked to seems to say that it's an issue of Spotify not giving access to Songkick to import artists from the Spotify library.  I'm sending an email to Songkick to see why scanning functionality is available on iOS and not on Android, and why they haven't updated the Android app in 3 years.  


So, for us Android users, we are still in the dark unfortunately...

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Reguardless of whether songkick has a work around, this should be a feature that Spotify supports. One of the things I love about Spotify is that I can follow artists and get updated when they publish new work. How cool would it be if you also got notified about new shows? 


Spotify should not unplug apps w/out having at least equivalent funcionality in their product, specially because it's a paid product. What they have now for concert announcements is really bad since you need to drill to the artist page, IT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR SONGKICK. Please bring the alert/notification funcionality back or add a "Concerts" tab to the app that also sends you emails/push notifications.


 Would love to have this functionality back. The ability to get an email when an artist I listen to is playing a show nearby me is exactly the kind of thing that makes modern music distribution so powerful. This would be huge!


So, this is not an ideal solution, but I'm scrobbling to and they send an email out with new releases and concert dates in your area.


The catch is that it is only based on what you've listened to, once the connection is set up.


I would prefer the scanning solution for SongKick, but this might ease the pain. 🙂




I have had pretty much the same idea, just never heard of songkick before.

But yeah definitely, Spotify could even earn some money if the become affiliate partner of a ticket order site...

I just want the spotify windows application to notify me. I run it everyday anyway, so the should really be an announcement when a band that I have in a  playlist or that I follow is coming to my town...


is this still a thiing? because i could really use this functionality... seems like a big plus for other streaming services..

Well don't ask me. I suggested it to Spotify, they asked me to suggest it here. I did. I'm done 🙂