[Connect] Change Device Name in Device List

We need to be able to configure the display name of devices in the "Devices" list in spotify. This doesnt have to be a feature available on every devices, maybe even a setting only available on the website so it has the most coverage if its an issue implementing it everywhere.




This Phone


ECHO-4F0 Speaker


Galaxy S6


As a list sucks. Its a fairly basic usability feature to have that list as


This Phone

Gaming PC

Upstairs Echo


Paula's Phone


Which would make the selection of a device to control/listen on far easier.




Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi everyone.

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this.

If anything changes we'll come back here and post an update.

Casual Listener

Spotify doesn't make the names for you, it just depends what your name on your device is. You can change the name of your device in settings.

i think its a bug. they picked the wrong device name variable- should be an easy fix if spotify would set a free intern to the task

"Spotify doesn't make the names for you, it just depends what your name on your device is. You can change the name of your device in settings"
I have different names for my FireTvs - for example = "Alan's Room Fire TV"
but Spotify stills calls them all "Amazon Fire TV"
No differentiation

It's been over a year and still we're still waiting on this fix. I have multiple amazon devices, but the fireTVs are the only device names Spotify does not respect. Is this a limitation of Amazon's or Spotify?


Non-form letter update from Spotify please, it's really a nuisance on an otherwise superb cross-platform product.


Great idea! Works like this for Sonos, so why not for other devices?


That would be great....


Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2017-06-13

Hey @rbnzdave thanks for adding your idea to the Community Idea Exchange. We also think this is a good idea, but it isn't in our current timeline. Please continue to leave your votes and feedback here and we'll report back here if we start work on this one. Thanks!


No time to do the basics? Realy? How stupid!


Just done it again, wanted my Fire TV to play Spotify .............


The one in the front room fired up ...... ;¬)


@meahtenohaI think this is more a bug report and not an idea / feature request. This ticket is probaly a low hanging fruit for your devlopers 😉


E.g. this could be also relay dangerous and is also a waste of energy, if a TV in our room powers up (triggerd by Spotify), without any recognition, because somebode is trying to get Spotify started on FireTV in the living room.