[Connect] Change Device Name in Device List

We need to be able to configure the display name of devices in the "Devices" list in spotify. This doesnt have to be a feature available on every devices, maybe even a setting only available on the website so it has the most coverage if its an issue implementing it everywhere.




This Phone


ECHO-4F0 Speaker


Galaxy S6


As a list sucks. Its a fairly basic usability feature to have that list as


This Phone

Gaming PC

Upstairs Echo


Paula's Phone


Which would make the selection of a device to control/listen on far easier.




Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi everyone.

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this.

If anything changes we'll come back here and post an update.


I also have the same problem with my Huawei ?ate 9. It is only showing my model number instead of the device name on my phone. Tried changing the bluetooth name as suggested and also the android device manager suggestion, didn't work. Hope spotify makes solution ASAP.


 Hi,  This is really irritating because the order of the devices seems to change, so you cannot tell which is which from one day to the other.


It would be good to either read the device name or allow us to edit the names of the connected devices in our account section.


Another vote, seems Spotify is lagging behind others in recognising the correct device names..

Casual Listener

PLEASE implement this.


It already would help if Spotify just displays the IP-Address behind the name of the device.

This should be a very easy to implement feature and helps a lot of people!


couldnt agree more!!


spotify please hurry up with this...


Rob : )


+1 This is a huge nusciance for me as well. If I pick the wrong Amazon FireTV it'll turn my tv on upstairs and I 1) won't realize until hours later what happened or 2) have to go upstairs to turn it off and come back down hoping I choose the correct Amazon FireTV the second time around. Please fix this.


Absolutely needed basic feature. Time to fix this soon. 


come on Spotify, we really need this feature.