[Connect] Control Volume from Android to Android

Spotify Connect is great! Since some days ago we can control the Desktop App from our mobile phone or tablet, including volume control. What's still missing is volume control from Android to Android. 


In this thread it is stated that this function already works, but I have several Android devices at home, and on none of these devices does volume control with Spotify Connect work. More people have this problem, see this thread. It does work from Android to PC, which is already great. 


I've contacted Spotify Support, and they confirmed that volume control from mobile to mobile doesn't work at the moment. 


So, the idea is:

Please implement volume control with Spotify Connect from Android to Android!

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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If you like to see this feature on iOS, too - please add your kudos to this idea. 😉

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Hi Marco,


I also hope that volume control in the future will be available from and to any device and platform, but I wanted to start small 😉


me too.  i use android device as server into audio equipment and would like to be able to control volume from either laptop or another android device.  thanksf ro considering.


fully agree. Andriod mini computer become more an more popular as media players / TV boxes nowayday, and thus more people will suffer from this shortcoming.


I bought the MINIX X8-H, as a replacement for my Apple TV3, as Spotify is not available for Apple TV (why not by the way?!), as playing Spotify audio over Airplay kept on stuttering. With my MINIX box I can run Spotify and use Connect from my Andriod phone and tablet, but now the volume control no longer works.... A fundamental shortcoming of Spotify Connect in my opinion. Come on Spotify, please deliver mature software, we expect better from you!


same for me, I also have a Minix Android media device but not being able to control the volume makes the spotify connect setup somewhat useless.

I think as more and more android HTPC devices like the minix are comming up spotify should definitly add the possibility to control the volume of a remote android device!


Love spotify connect, got my tablet linked to my sound system and I'm able to use all my devices to control the music...


... except the sound. This feature would be great!



Connect will be more usefull if you allso can control volume from iphone or an other smart phone to android or other Tablet. Seems no rocketscience. Just client Server solution.
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Hi Spotify,


Is there any indication that this feature will be implemented? 





Hi Spotify,



If you're going to think over implementing Volume controle for Android tot Android then I advise to think also over the other options:

- Iphone to Android tablet;

- Iphone to Ipad;

- Ipad to Androi Tablet;

- Android Tablet to Ipad;

- Iphone to Windows PC;

- Iphone to Andrid PC.










This would be very usefull when, in my case, i have 1 iPhone in my Zeppelin Air. Now I can do everything perfectly except of control the volume and for this I need the seperate remote control from the Zeppelin.