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[Connect] Keep Spotify Connect available for B&O devices

Status: Case Closed

Today I have learned from Spotify support that they have removed Spotify Connect availability for B&O devices, such as my BeoPlay A9 mk1. This is due to business decisions made by Spotify and B&O and will affect all B&O devices.


In my case leaving me with a worthless expensive A9 speaker, but I am not the only one.... More on that and replies from both B&O and Spotify support here


As Spotify states "You can add suggestions to our Community ideas board: Ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed monthly, so be sure to keep an eye on the status of your idea." 


I have invested in an expensive speaker and payed Spotify its monthly fee for over the past years and am stumped this decision has been made so I would love them to bring back that functionality. 100 votes seem to be enough to get this under their attention so please vote....

Updated on 2021-05-20

Thank you for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community!

Your suggestion didn’t quite reach 500 votes in 18 months. You can read more about the idea process here.


Again Spotify can´t keep old api/interfaces up and working when they release new versions or improvements.... How can a company be allowed to contineu to do like this against it´s customers and make hardware that we have bought to be able to play to play spotify in a integrated way.

Wounder what happen when they become introduced on the stock market can the slightly changed owner situation then influence the company to not make customers dissapear due to that they continue to remove working solutions so we can´t play spotify. 


This is a sign of things to come from Spotify towards loyal customers—this time those who bought Beoplay A9 MK1, and others in the same boat. Watch out MK2 owners, your time will come too!



Time to leave Spotify? Just decided to a year Spotify 😞


Stop buying Spotify connect devices because in near future they will not support it!


Beosound Essence user ;

Disgusting development from Spotify. Why buy premium products that can’t be used as intended for more than a few years. Been a loyal customer and promoter of Spotify for years. Internal streaming is why I have a premium account. Please rectify ASAP or Goodbye Spotify. 


Beoplay a9 user:

Is this normal? Are they allowed to do this? B&O sells a product with the ability to connect with Spotify, isn't deleting this function breaking the speaker and violating the terms of a fuctional product? 


As an Owner of a B&O A9 I have been using the Spotify Connect Service on a daily basis. Spotify Connect was the only reason why I bought the speaker and the Spotify Premium Account. As a B&O and Spotify customer having heavily promoted this great combination in a large community of music fans I expect that the two companies find a solution in bringing back the comfort to a (up to now) very happy user base.


This decision to remove connect fro B&O Essence mkt 1 is unbeliavable!! It was the only reason I was keeping my spotify premium!! It shows these companies are not trustable how they used to be! Please Spotify, solve this!!!


There can be no technical reason for this from Spotify as it worked and they upgrade the softwear to ensure it does not work. I understand in AV terms who over time you can't expect everything to be upgraded. However this is a streaming service for sound not vision much much lower technical overheads... I am truely disappointed that I can't now stream from my phone or laptap to something which was and still is capable of doing this. I love the convience of Spotify over apple however they leave me with little choice...


Hi, for the moment I disconnected the essence. Instead I connected the chromecast audio with spotify connect Support (How long ???) to my Beosound 4 and can use it without any problems. With the google home mini in front I am able to choose the music from spotify and can switch over to Radios on Tunein. It's O.K. for me.