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[Connect] Keep Spotify Connect available for B&O devices

Status: Case Closed

Today I have learned from Spotify support that they have removed Spotify Connect availability for B&O devices, such as my BeoPlay A9 mk1. This is due to business decisions made by Spotify and B&O and will affect all B&O devices.


In my case leaving me with a worthless expensive A9 speaker, but I am not the only one.... More on that and replies from both B&O and Spotify support here


As Spotify states "You can add suggestions to our Community ideas board: Ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed monthly, so be sure to keep an eye on the status of your idea." 


I have invested in an expensive speaker and payed Spotify its monthly fee for over the past years and am stumped this decision has been made so I would love them to bring back that functionality. 100 votes seem to be enough to get this under their attention so please vote....

Updated on 2021-05-20

Thank you for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community!

Your suggestion didn’t quite reach 500 votes in 18 months. You can read more about the idea process here.



 "Hi, for the moment I disconnected the essence. Instead I connected the chromecast audio with spotify connect Support (How long ???)"


Hi thanks for the head up, will explore this option, though might just go Apple Route and give them my money.... Bought the A9 as a streaming device and one of the selling points of this was Spotify and Airplay... Guess what Airplay still works... 😉


Complete disaster! Spotify, open our eyes for users who have been with you for more then 5 years. If you dontd restore compatibility with Beoplay A9 I'm reasonable and get yourself togrther!


Looks like i'm not the only one disappointed in the changes made to the API ... thanks for voting, almost at a 100


You know, the thing is that I do understand that a software company like Spotify wants to optimize and deliver a good product. I also get that choices have to be made in order to further develop.


Yet, I also hope that Spotify doesn't forget their main objective: offering a flexible music service for their (paying) customers. And with this decision, a fair group of customers (curious to the numbers) is abruptly excluded from their service. 


I also work for a software company that develops an API, so from a technical perspective I might be able to understand the choice. For 'us' it's not just that Spotify is killing a functionality: they've failed to deliver on their promise, which was always to be able to listen to any music, anywhere. My great and only hope in this case, is that Spotify is willing to listen to this group of affected customers. 


spotify, please solve this, this is real bad customer treatment!


And the same issue for Pioneer devices like the LX58 which I have 


I cannot even remember for how long I have been a paid customer... if this is not resolved within a couple of weeks I simplify change to another streaming provider. Really sad, but simply NOT acceptable on Spotify’s end (especially when 0 communication is made on the topic).


Another very unhappy Spotify Premium and Beosound Essence user here... this situation reflects poorly on the customer focus for both companies.

Unless resolved, unfortunately I will need to change to another streaming provider and eventually shift away from B&O products.


Very unhappy
If they dont change i will terminate my sub.

Why cant i vote ?


What about the Beoplay M5? 

Is this device also not suported by Spotify Connects anymore?