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[Connect] Keep Spotify Connect available for B&O devices

Status: Case Closed

Today I have learned from Spotify support that they have removed Spotify Connect availability for B&O devices, such as my BeoPlay A9 mk1. This is due to business decisions made by Spotify and B&O and will affect all B&O devices.


In my case leaving me with a worthless expensive A9 speaker, but I am not the only one.... More on that and replies from both B&O and Spotify support here


As Spotify states "You can add suggestions to our Community ideas board: Ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed monthly, so be sure to keep an eye on the status of your idea." 


I have invested in an expensive speaker and payed Spotify its monthly fee for over the past years and am stumped this decision has been made so I would love them to bring back that functionality. 100 votes seem to be enough to get this under their attention so please vote....

Updated on 2021-05-20

Thank you for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community!

Your suggestion didn’t quite reach 500 votes in 18 months. You can read more about the idea process here.


Thought this was a problem with my ISP, speaker og WIFI, but I now realise this is a business decision **bleep**! 

My beloved BeoPlay A9 is the only reason why I keep my premium subscription and I will cancel it if this is not resolved. 😞 


Thought this was a problem with my ISP, speaker og WIFI, but I now realise this is a business decision **bleep**! 

My beloved BeoPlay A9 is the only reason why I keep my premium subscription and I will cancel it if this is not resolved. 😞 


I just cancelled spotify and turned to amazon music unlimeted. Thank you for the last 3 years spotify having a lot of fun with my Beoplay A9.


What? I have been Premium subscriber for many years, and now Spotify is just telling me to get lost? Talk about kicking one´s customers in the teeth. What is the matter with this company?

I originally preferred WIMP, and only switched to Spotify because of the Beoplay. If this issue is not fixed, and I have to work around it using a chromecast or something, I´ll be kicking Spotify straight out and go back to Tidal.



Hi, it's not only the A9, but also the Essence MK 1. I heared, that there have been some customized Connect functions and the "normal" Connect. And now Spotify disconnected the Customized, for what reasons ever. (License, technics ??) In case of my Yamaha AVR Receiver I got an SW Update and the Connect function returned. So I hope (I voted for) the function will return to the disconnected B&O's from the Spotify Side. For me, now the Chromecast audio works fine streaming spotify connect via Line-In of the essence and I can control it by voice with the Home mini.

So I hope, B&O will place an SW Update to the corresponding devices.


I just got this answer from B&O support:


We are sorry to inform you that Spotify has officially removed server support for the A9 MK I and there is no possibility to fix the issue from Bang & Olufsen side [...]

The A9 MkI also cannot be updated to support Spotify because of older hardware limits, thus there will also be no updates upcoming for the A9 MkI.


So it seems it is Spotify that is to blame here.

I just signed up for a new Tidal account, and will get a Chromecast Audio for my A9.


If not solved anytime soon I'll cancel spotify, my A6 still working, but the A9 Mk1 is just a 2000€ piece of furniture. After this desaster all my sympathies for Spotify are gone - forever!!!


I have been a loyal Spotify paid user since 2011. This decision to remove the connect support will unquestionably make me switch to Tidal or some other streaming provider. I really question whether it is a good idea to remove backwardcompatibility on products that's only 2-3 years old. It signals that the lifetime for wifi-connected systems is way shorter than the actual hardware should suggest. This probably deters people from buying high-end wifi-audio products, which again results in fewer premium subscribers for Spotify. Bye bye spotify!

Hi received this message from B&O customer support on their official Facebook page regarding a coming firmware update for Beoplay A9 MK1: "Hi Gabriele, we appreciate your patience while we looked into this for you. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding earlier in this case. The manual software update can only be done for A9 Mk2, not A9 1st gen. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We are actively working towards creating a new update that should resolve the WiFi stability issues and hope to be able to release that soon. Again, we appreciate your patience."


I really don't get it. 
Why do Spotify make new updates if it ruins something that was already working perfectly. 
I don't see the sense of that.