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[Connect] Keep Spotify Connect available for B&O devices

Status: Case Closed

Today I have learned from Spotify support that they have removed Spotify Connect availability for B&O devices, such as my BeoPlay A9 mk1. This is due to business decisions made by Spotify and B&O and will affect all B&O devices.


In my case leaving me with a worthless expensive A9 speaker, but I am not the only one.... More on that and replies from both B&O and Spotify support here


As Spotify states "You can add suggestions to our Community ideas board: Ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed monthly, so be sure to keep an eye on the status of your idea." 


I have invested in an expensive speaker and payed Spotify its monthly fee for over the past years and am stumped this decision has been made so I would love them to bring back that functionality. 100 votes seem to be enough to get this under their attention so please vote....

Updated on 2021-05-20

Thank you for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community!

Your suggestion didn’t quite reach 500 votes in 18 months. You can read more about the idea process here.


I think we need a lawyer and publicity. Nothing else will help. Please, contact influencers - blogger, vlogger, musician, journalist... and talk about this non sense! 


I contacted B&O to tell them that I'm really disappointed in the company and spotify and wanted a solution for my expensive speaker. This is the reply of one of there service employers I received yesterday. It's not the solution I was hoping for: 



Thank you for contacting B&O Play Support regarding your A9.

We very recently received information from Spotify that they removed server support for Spotify Connect from several speaker models across various brands. Unfortunately, as a result of this change, Spotify Connect is no longer available for A9 Mk1. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but regretfully this is an issue we are unable to resolve with a software update as this is a hardware compatibility issue on the new Spotify servers.

As a workaround, you can use a Apple Airplay or a Chromecast Audio device and the Spotify App. Please note that connecting a Chromecast Audio to your A9 MkI will also add the Google Cast features on your speaker, so you will be able to play music and sound from various Apps supporting Google Cast.

Chromecast Audio will only need to be connected to the line-in connection of your Beoplay A9, and to a power socket.

You will then need to configure your Chromecast Audio. You can follow this guide in order to do so.

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Connect the Chromecast Audio to your Beoplay A9 using Line-In
  • Set up Chromecast audio using Google Chrome, or the Google Home App available on Android/iOS. Click here to access the Set up instructions.
  • You are now ready to cast audio.

Using Spotify on A9 MkI and Chromecast Audio :

  • You can open the Spotify App on your phone or tablet. Make sure it's connected to the same WiFi as your Chromecast Audio.
  • Play some music.
  • Tap the "Now Playing" bar at the bottom of the screen and select "Devices Available".
  • Select your Chromecast Audio from the devices listed.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,





For me the responsible for this desaster is cleary Spotify, nor B&O. Think logically! Spotify has not only excluded devices from B&O, but a whole series of different brands and products. Why would all these brands put their reputation on the line and offer no updates if they were possible? If B&O loses an A9 customer, which costs on average 2000 €, then that is much more far-reaching than for Spotify. For the equivalent of 2000 € you have to be a subscriber to Spotify for 16 years if now you pay 9,99€/month!!! When I look at what Spotify is doing to all the running fans (and I'm really not into running) by killing the running function overnight, that tells me a lot about the company and its culture. And more than 500 votes do not convince them to rethink this decision. Do you really believe that we have more chances with our 120 votes? Spotify obviously do not care about their customers!

The company is currently preparing an IPO - the only thing that could really help in this situation would be if suddenly many subscribers would cancel their subscription! Believe me, the stock market reacts very sensitively to something like that! But as long as everyone stays true to the company, nothing will happen! If B&O, Yamaha, Denon and others could not oppose this decision, we will not be able to do it!

Since I still have an A6 at home, I just started my trial at Deezer and can only say that B&O and Deezer user experience is a lot better than this ever was with Spotify and B&O - music in FLAC format, better quality, you can listen to two different music streams (on A7 and iPhone simultaneously) - without a family accout! The Spotify app and the playlists there are much better, but you have to prioritize and I will not buy Chromecast for my A9 to stay with Spotify - I'll change the music provider as well! In a month, my trail subscription at Deezer expires, if until then Spotify does not respond, I go to Deezer!


I will cancel my suscription too! I own a Beoplay A9 first generation and I am paying a suscription hoping to listen my favorite music and now I wont because Spotify has decided to remove the connectivity that I use. Well nos Interesa will suscribe to another music service.

All, I've been in discussion with Spotify support and suggest you all do
the same. In a polite but determined way I have been pushing them to
consider re-enabling the functionality for my Pioneer equipment (and others
like your B&O), asking for the issue to be escalated to the developers - I
suggest you do the same. They've given me an extra two months subscription
for free too. Keep the pressure on.
How can you connect to Spotify Support? They are not open for communicatiemiddelen on their internet site. No e-mail, no telephone, only the possibility of the community. And not any comment of Spotify itself on the community-page!



Just did open a chat, all they did they redirected me to this page with a remark that they are reading it!!!


And now please get back to those who complain about B & O and accuse them of being responsible for everything! At B & O, I immediately got a personal mail, Spotify has not even managed in the weeks to publish a statement, let alone an apology!


great, spotify is reading this, i do hope they act on it too...