[Connect] Multiple Accounts access same Device

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It would be nice if all spotify premium users on the local network could use spotify connect to stream to a client (i.e pc connected to the speakers)


Now you can stream to the client only if you are logged in with the same account on the other devices. This is not that practical since there are usually more than one spotify user/account in the same household. Especially with the new spotify family being released.

Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi folks.

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time we do not have any plans to do this. If anything changes we'll come back here and post an update.


Hello @Maclir ,


thanks for your submission. But I honestly won't support the idea, because imagine if there's a dormitory, hospital, school, open wi-fi spot etc. etc.. And everyone can control the device of a random person. No, I don't think it's an useful idea unfortunately and the harm of this would be bigger than the joy of users like you (please don't take it personal, I'm just worried about the privacy and controlling of people in shared flats and so on)


Good idea, but as Carina stated above, could have harmful repercussions.


Would need to have a user log in to a computer that controlls the audio system. Other user could recommend songs via WiFi, but it would be the operator's job to approve and then play them.


The person running Spotify in operator mode would be in full control of the system, and would then be accountable for any mishaps.


That's the only way I could see this being implemented by the team.


Thanks for the feedback on the idea.


There could be several solutions to the problem @Carina_ mentioned. I will state a few of them below:

  • Only users in the same Spotify Family package can control the music
  • Each Spotify installation can hold a list of users who can stream to it
  • Users can request to be added to the list of authorized streamers
Status changed to: Implemented

This is a must! Awesome feature when having a pre-party for couple of friends. The misuse problem is obviously not a problem since you would have to add users to a list for them being able to stream to your reciever/device. An option of "only let users queue songs" would also remove any choose-song-fighting.


This is a cool idea. Maybe add an option to disable spotify connect on a certain computer / account. Which would solve the problem of public spaces and potential misuse




I want this feature too!


You just want the jukebox idea that everyone connected to the wifi can easily play songs, see the playlist and skip a song.


Now when someone else connects to the Spotify Connect device I get disconnected all the time which is very, very inconvenient...


This is a killer feature for parties!


A fix for your "security" concerns: Let users "link" trusted accounts. Or only Facebook friends can control of your Spotify Connect queue. More or less like when I open Spotify on an other device. It isn't that hard to find a solution for the "problem"...


Yes please!


Now that my Onkyo has Spotify Connect and since I'm a Spotify Family subscriber, I'd really like to see this idea implemented. I don't think "random user" access to a common Spotify Connect device would be the solution and probably implementing an access control list would be a little cumbersome for the most basic users, but the Spotify Family solution could be implemented transparently. If the connected device is not playing something, than it should be available to every Spotify Family user, regardless of the configured user in the Spoti Connect device (as long as it's part of the same family)