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[Connect] Multiple Accounts access same Device

It would be nice if all spotify premium users on the local network could use spotify connect to stream to a client (i.e pc connected to the speakers)


Now you can stream to the client only if you are logged in with the same account on the other devices. This is not that practical since there are usually more than one spotify user/account in the same household. Especially with the new spotify family being released.

Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi folks.

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time we do not have any plans to do this. If anything changes we'll come back here and post an update.

Music Fan

But what about users within the Family plan? My kids play their music over our home stereo that uses my account. Would be great if they could use their own account. Would also solve me getting too many teen music Discovery suggestions.... 😞

Casual Listener


This needs to be fixed! What is the point of Connect, if only one account can be used on the devices?


Doesn´t this actually work? When I play a song via connect a friend who is in the WiFi can connect to the device and play his music. On the downside, I will be kicked, which isn´t nice if you want to play music continuoesly. So everyone who´s in the WiFi can connect and play there whishes without restrictions. What I consider a problem at party e.g.

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Don’t think so… Maybe you mean the situation where you are streaming to an Airplay or BT speaker? In that case you’re right; anyone with any account can stream to the speaker. But that’s not Spotify Connect...
But spotify connect in dedicated devices, like Gramofon, is implemented
without a UI. You don't log out of Gramofon, it just streams whatever your
mobile app tells it to.

I guess the issue is really with Spotify Connect on Windows/Mac OS/Linux?

@johnkockNo, I mean when I use my Denon receiver. I can from everywhere start the receiver and play music. Everyone else who has ever been in the same WiFi also. It is probably the complete opposite of the problem you guys have but I consider it still as a problem because I´d like to have controll on who can use my devices.

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Yep, I guess that’s something else…. so we all have our own problems. But besides these minor glitches, hopefully you’re enjoying Spotify as much as I do!
Casual Listener

It would be very nice to be able to share 1 PC (behind a stereo) with all Spotify Family - accounts!


With all due respect, it has been 4 years and this is still "Not right now". How hard can it be to have Spotify Connect check for running spotify accounts in the network and when validated as a family account, the second account can use that device too.

I'm currently at home, just upgraded to Family and only then realising I will not be able to stream to my TV anymore as my GF's account is in use there, I used to control the TV via phone or laptop while working, not possible anymore unless I change the account on my TV.

By changing the way the discovery works on the network it should be perfectly posssible:
- Spotify Connect searches the network for devices running Spotify

- Spotify verifies the logged in account on both devices (Premium for Family account or not + linked)
- Slider in settings to activate 'Family Sharing Connect'.

I understand Spotify is no system like Sonos but we should be able to atleast use devices in the network. As for security, checking the account for Family use seems to be the only check you can do to prevent unauthorized access to spotify accounts on a public network (or only allow family sharing connect on networks defined as Home).


Hi all. I think this should be implemented but as a workaround for now if you are sending audio to a Google castable device like a Chromecast, Andriod TV or Cast Receiving Speaker you can change the cast mode in the settings in your phone to Google Cast. This way other people on the network will be able to pause, skip and rewind songs. Not as good as full connect where they would ideally be able to add songs to the list and see whats next, but something to start with.