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[Connect] Multiple Accounts access same Device

It would be nice if all spotify premium users on the local network could use spotify connect to stream to a client (i.e pc connected to the speakers)


Now you can stream to the client only if you are logged in with the same account on the other devices. This is not that practical since there are usually more than one spotify user/account in the same household. Especially with the new spotify family being released.

Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi folks.

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time we do not have any plans to do this. If anything changes we'll come back here and post an update.


 This should definitely be a thing. 

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I renewed my password and then my premium account was vanished. Its just a normal free account now. All my playlist and saved albums are gone...What happend? What can I do? What can you do Spotify...?????Heeeeelp!!!


I'd really love to have this feature. My wife and I have a computer connected to the sound system in our house. When i'm logged in with my account, she can't control it and vice-versa. This kinds of spoils the experience for us. We also always fight about who's logged in now. 
Also, changing users is not trivial, we need to input the password everytime which makes it such a drag. 

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We use a Mac Mini to play music to Airplay speakers in multiple rooms of our home. We run Spotify and Airfoil on the Mac Mini to broadcast to all or some rooms at once. Spotify on the Mac Mini is logged in with my account. My wife has her own Spotify account; we are on the family plan. I can use the Spotify app on my phone as a remote control; that works great. But my wife cannot remote control the music in the house because it would require her to log into my account on her phone, or to change the account the desktop app is logged in with (way too cumbersome to be viable).


I want my wife (or anyone visting) to be able to use their mobile device to stream music from their Spotify accounts to all rooms in the house. Given Airplay 2 doesn't exist yet, and it won't be a solution for Android users when it does show up, it seems to me a desktop app will still be needed as a proxy for Airfoil to hijack.


A jukebox mode would be nice, like iTunes, which enables anyone to put music in the queue, but I would be happy with the constraint that one moble user could play from their device/account at a time. 

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That’s why I switched my Mac Mini for a much cheaper Yamaha WXAD-10 streamer (EUR 150). This little grey box does WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth all at the same time. Everyone can connect with their own device and account now, while I still keep my premium Spotify Connect directly from the box.
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Do these streamer devices such as WXAD-10 support multiple rooms/speakers, and can anyone on the network change which rooms the device is streaming to, in the same way as you can with Airfoil desktop and iOS apps?

I have the exact same setup and request. Amazing that this still is not

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Yep, they do. For multi-room this obviously requires a streamer in every room, and an app installed on your device. With Yamaha, this is called MusicCast.


I just upgraded my account to "family" specifically for this feature...not even thinking for a second that it would not be a feature - 1 month tops and if its not there we go back to multiple people using one account!

Generally connect has been good - I didnt mind the errosion of flexibility vs. streaming that I used to do, since I was able to use multi devices to control what was playing where - which felt like a plus


My home cinema just "updated firmware" and now only allows spotify connect + The stereo in the family room also is on connect....both are not exactly easy to swap accounts on when you want to use them (no screen/keyboard).

But my wife listens there too..and when I am at work if she does, it kicks me off listenning...same with our car too...and the kids are starting to ask/demand to play music of their upgraded to family

  But now we cant all control what's on the stereos?!

I understand your "not able to play on 2 devices at once" restriction = too open to abuse (even if it would make wireless speakers work as intended)...but not allowing 2 different devices on a single network to work with to a receiver?! 

I did think about making a generic account on stereos for the "house" account - great we dont kick each other off listenning then - but we cant control it from any of our respective devices...which is the whole customer bennefit of "Spotify connect!" (name a single other 1!)

  & your response is "nah, not yet"?!



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This is something that would be very useful for places like work, where multiple people have Spotify accounts and want to be able to control the music while not logging out of their personal accounts. There should be a way to allow certain users to have access to devices to protect from a device being overtaken. The ability to make someone a device manager would help this feature run smoothly.