[Connect] Multiple Accounts access same Device

It would be nice if all spotify premium users on the local network could use spotify connect to stream to a client (i.e pc connected to the speakers)


Now you can stream to the client only if you are logged in with the same account on the other devices. This is not that practical since there are usually more than one spotify user/account in the same household. Especially with the new spotify family being released.

Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi folks.

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time we do not have any plans to do this. If anything changes we'll come back here and post an update.


We run Spotify on our HTPC server that ties into our whole house system.


At the moment, I'm logged in on that server, so I can use Device connect to control it from my computer or my mobile. Works a treat.


I'd love it if when I'm not home, my wife could use her mobile phone or computer to control our whole house music without having to remote into the (headless) HTPC, log me out of Spotify on the server, then re-login as herself.


Making the device *only* accessible/visible to people in the Spotify Family of the person logged in would solve the issue of worrying about people hijacking, especially if you made opening up the device to the rest of the family an option (to prevent terrible siblings from hijacking each others' devices). 


Please implement this - it would be a very welcome addition.



I support this request.


It should be allowed if users are members of the same spotify family account or an option in the client is selected where you can enable or disable spotify connect sharing.


We really need this feature! One HTPC that should be controlled by me and my girlfriends iPhone/MacBook.


I would reaaaally like some kind of access control list functionality for spotify connect within the same wifi as well. I often use spotify for partys and currently my guests are not able to change the song/queue sth, b/c they are not on my account. I'm using spotcommander for linux as a workaround, its a nice alternative, however not that comfortable as the official spotify app for mobile devices.

Casual Listener

thanks for your submission. But I honestly won't support the idea, because imagine if there's a dormitory, hospital, school, open wi-fi spot etc. etc.. And everyone can control the device of a random person. No, I don't think it's an useful idea unfortunately and the harm of this would be bigger than the joy of users like you (please don't take it personal, I'm just worried about the privacy and controlling of people in shared flats and so on)

This is a riduculous comment. This is why Spotify Connect will never compete with Chromecast. Spotify refuses to support Chromecast, and can't even do Spotify Connect properly... Guess what. I'll never buy one of your speakers, and if you don't fix your Connect system, I'm going to Google Music, where my wife and I can both have our own playlists, and control music in our home!


@Carina Surely this problem could be sorted with a simple switch in the settings menu specifying whether to lock the Connect feature to your account only.


I expected that signing up as a Family account was going to give us this already. Same Network, Same Family Account should work with Connect, in my opinion.


My family would definitely use this. 


I was rather dissapointed when I added my family to the family plan only to find out they couldn't use the connect feature with the speaker set connected to my account. 


Please look into supporting family users to share connect devices/machines on the same network.

Any news on this? I bought an android tv box specifically for this spotify connect feature (connected to a decent high end system), and nowbeing forced to use airplay in order to swap between users controlling the streaming device. Would also see the "family solution" as an easy fix to this problem...