[Connect] Restrict Access for Spotify Connect

This is a terrible security issue. Anyone connected to the same WiFi can play music (or anything on Spotify) if they have an up to date app open. I was on a college campus, connected to the WiFi, and could randomly force content to play through people's devices who I didn't know. And now, even when I disconnect from that WiFi, as long as my device and their device are both connected to any internet connection I can play media through their device from anywhere because of that first link. I saw the idea to restrict this was already submitted but closed because it didn't receive enough kudos. I'm not sure why this isn't considered a serious issue from your development team.... pretty troubling to be honest.

Updated on 2018-06-16


Your idea has been submitted a while ago but unfortunately hasn't gathered enough kudos (100 per year). In order to keep an overview of the active & recent ideas in this forum, we will close this idea for now. However this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify.

If you still feel strongly about your request, we encourage you to post your idea in a little different form again! Maybe now is the right time to receive the support of our community for your suggestion! 😉

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Wow. I was completely unaware of this. This definitely should be fixed, I whole-heartedly agree.

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It shoudl be optional. Personally I want to be able to push music to any device on my home network.

It sounds to me like the network hasn't been set up properly though and the engineers could intercept the broadcast messages sent by the receiving Spotify devices - I know you can turn UPnP and DLNA off on some high end routers - it's set up more as a conventional lan than a public access hotspot perhaps.

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Think it may have been mine that did not get enough support, massive problem though!!!

major floor with Spotify!

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That is a real issue, and not only because of the same Wifi network.
It happens quite often that my playlist stops playing, and plays on another unknown device which I never ever met or connected.
While I am at home, at work, or whatever. 
We do not ask for a complicated solution. Just a very obvious and basic fix.......


Same issues: there are peaople using my account, how can I disconnect them from my Spotify? Can't find a way to ban them. Please help, or I'll need to cancel my subscription 


Please vote for this. Major issue when others can sign on to my spotify application (with their account) at home (just got a smart tv) even tho they dont have access to the secure wifi. 

Stops my music and i have to log them out from my tv. Random people..


I can do the same, when i look at devices i can play spotify on i can just choose that device and start playing. 


You should be able to restrict visibilty to certain accounts  or atleast require some kind of login. 

Why not implement pairing / code verification like any other application when you try to access a device where spotify is installed. 


I agree. This should have been implemented in spotify connect from the start.


That's a terrible fail of Spotify and mades it completely unusable in public WLANs. Everytime I'm sitting in a public WLAN Spotify wants to play my music on any other device that is available without any interaction neccessary by me. So I'm not able to use Spotify there unless I put it to offline-mode, so that it plays the music on my own device.

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I try to listen to my music on my Android (for instance when I was driving today), and after continually trying to play a song, every time a few seconds in it would stop and pop up with some other person's device and try to connect and play their music. How do I turn off the ability to connect to other devices?? Sooo annoying!