[Connect] Stream local Files with Spotify Connect


As a relatively fresh user of Spotify, I just wanted to push for the implementation of the ability to play local files via connect.

I have 3 Philips SW750 multiroom speakers wich work OK when playing files from Spotify.

But I got a bit annoyed when I found out that it is impossible to play my own local files on my own speakers in my own local network!!!

I can understand that playing files outside of my local network (say, to your phone) isn't allowed. (eg. licensing issues),

but why I shouldn't be able to play my own files placed on my own PCs harddrive to my own speaker in my own local network, that I can't understand!!

I'm in no way a computerwiz, BUT Isn't it just a question about restricting the streaming of local files via connect, to the local network you're in?

If outside your own network, it just won't be possible! (In the same way it's totally impossible today)

Within your own network, it's OK!

In that manner no legal boundries would be crossed (eg. not any I know of...)


I'm a bit puzzled that there are so few users actually missing this function!

Maybe that is because i'm of an older generation that is used to collect LPs and CDs looong before this streaming business even had began!

So I have a lot of music that simply isn't available anywhere with the main exception; on my own server!!!

So Please Spotify, implement this so I can enjoy my relics in my own home through an, otherwise, excellent musical service!!!


And to all other users of Spotify!

PLEASE Kudo this so we can get this excellent feature to become a reality!!!



Kenneth Olofsson - Sweden

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Come on guys, this time we need exceed the 50 kudos ! I don't want to wait one more year to listen my local music.


So, give your kudos !

I can't believe Spotify doesn't have this yet.
This is the only thing stopping Spotify from being an all in one music player. It's a huge flaw that encourages users to use other music players aka your competition.

Espero que Spotify tome esto en cuenta urgente!!!!! Por favor Srs. SPOTIFY agreguen la opcion de reproducir nuestros archivos locales. 

Casual Listener

Spotify is different from AirPlay or Bluetooth in that it doesn't actually stream from your desktop computer to your speakers. Instead the speakers receive the stream directly from the internet (like Google's chromecast) so that when you turn off your source (in that case your desktop computer) your speakers will still continue to play. In that sense your desktop computer only functions as a remote control.


Now with local music your files would first need to be uploaded to Spotify's servers to make them available to your speakers. Given the technical restrictions and very limited upload bandwith on most data plans, I don't think this is likely to be implemented anytime soon.


I have A TON of local files on my computer that I want to listen to from my phone when I am not home. Can't seem to find out how to do this. I think this thread is the closest it comes to my situation.

Gig Goer

Without the ability to pay local files, Spotify Connect speakers will never be on my Christmas list!


I have the same issue with my Teufel Raumfeld system. Please make it possible to play local files with Raumfeld speakers. The Raumfeld system has the possibility to add an external hard drive to store the local files in the system if required, but please provide a way to support this feature.


I absolutely agree, I would need this desperatly as well. Spotify Connect is a working really well as a streaming technology, but is missing some features. Besides playing local files, I am missing the possibility to stream from multiple (e.g. Premium Family) accounts to a single Spotify Connect device. 

So come on guys, please take this to the next level....