[Connect] Support crossfade on Spotify Connect

Please add support for the crossfade feature on Spotify Connect, too.

It is a very nice feature, especially for parties. I would love to make my playlists seemlesly go from one track to another with Spotify Connect. 


Updated: 2016-04-22

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Yes yes yes! I want this too! :)
Please combine connect and crossfade features! It's strange for me as a Spotify user, that there is a software-limitation and this is not supported out if the box. That would make so much sense to crossfade when using connect (i.e. party mode), wouldn't it? ;-)

I've almost completely switched to connect (thanks to Gramofon!) and would love to see this feature added. Just that little gap; half a second, sometimes a whole second. I wouldn't mind missing it ;)


I'm returning my 1200€ Raumfeld speakers with integrated Spotify connect because of this missing feature  :(

Music Fan

I want this too!


Yes, absolute must-have when connecting to speakers!


Btw, Sonos supports this through their native Spotify integration.

It would be awesome if Spotify connect could add this!


Just bought 2 Gramofon devices for an 18th party, set up all the playlists on Spotify, then BAM!, the DJ nightmare of no smooth transition between tracks! Can you imagine a party with silence for 1-2 seconds between tracks on the dance floor? I was not a happy bunny to find that out, so have ditched Spotify Connect and gone back to my trusted method of recording an hour of music as one track, with crossfade between individual component tracks, then streaming from my server, still using the Gramofon devices. Why did Spotify disable such a cool feature, especially since Connect is a party feature, with multi-room ability?


I want this too!



Yes please. This would be awesome.