Custom Display

I have recently started listening to Spotify on my PC after a few years of only using the program on my smartphone. I'd love to see a feature where customization of the display/playscreen is possible. Here are a few ideas I've come up with:


*Some of these features may be possible. I just haven't played with the software long enough to access them.


- Drag & Drop - similar to the way Myspace was. I don't like having a giant musical note displayed at the top of the screen while the album cover sits in the bottom left corner. I would rather have a large album cover displayed at the top. etc.

--Additional space for expanded windows - With the MAIN and YOUR MUSIC categories taking up half the space on the left side of the screen, it leaves little room for playlists. I would like to have a section where I can display all my playlists without having to scroll.

- Change font size/color

- Skins Skins Skins - Like the old school Winamp had

- Plug-ins- Visualizations, corresponding music videos, audio equalizers

- No mandatory subcategories- The ability to disable certain features exe: Radio. I have never or will ever use this

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