Define Kurdish Genres: Kurdish Folk, Rock, Rap, Classic



I just got my yearly spotify wrapped and was quite surprised, that one of my top Genres was "Turkish Folk" / "Türkischer Folk" (in german), when I am listening mostly to Kurdish songs.


Musicians such as Mikail Aslan or Erdogan Emir are mostly singing in Kurdish, yet they are categorized within the Genre "Türkischer Folk". This has to be redefined.

Mikail Aslan, Erdogan Emir, Mehmet Atli, Kerem Sevinc, Mem Ararat, Aynur Dogan, Sivan Perwer, Metin Kemal Kahraman, Soner Emir, Xecê and so on are important Kurdish musicians (singing in various Kurdish dialects or languages of Kurds). Therefore they need to be summarised in their own Genre "Kurdish Folk" or german: "Kurdischer Folk".

The variety of kurdish music can than be more specified into "Kurdish Rock" for instance with artists such as Ciwan Haco, Xero Abbas and Bajar or "Kurdish Rap" with artists such as Serhado. 

Spotify needs a team of experts (e.g. from the Kurdish music industry) to categorize the Kurdish Genres. We are talking about a huge audience of Kurdish listeners all over the world (Kurds make about 35 millions total).

Updated on 2022-06-24


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This makes 100% sense! I would love to see that. Representation matters, so kurdische music should be finally seen here! It's not Turkish. To say that is to erase this culture from this Plattform. 


100% right! 
That would be an enrichment for Spotify!


There are 50 million Kurds in the world who speak their language. It is very wrong that kurdish is still not seen as a language on Spotify, while there are millions of Kurdish songs on Spotify alone, and that Kurdish songs are not considered in the Kurdish Music category. You need to correct this mistake 


Devlette değer görmüyoruz bari kültürümüzde dilimizde değeri görelim istiyorum 


Spotify, please assign the correct genre & language. This is not ok!


You should also make lists for Kurdish music.
Kurdish is the mother tongue of more than 40 million people.

Stop adding Kurdish songs to Turkish, Arabic, Persian lists!


Kurdish was NEVER  Turkish and I did not expect SPOTIFY to be this ignorant and politic.. please change this!!

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Thank you Hevi Zer for this very important suggestion.



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