[Desktop] Accessibility for blind and low Vision Users

We've reach mid 2017 and still the Windows and Mac versions of Spotify are not even usable to blind users. Now that Apple Music has arrived I think it is time to push accessibility to the top of the list. I've seen lots of posts from other people being closed due to lack of kudos. Really? Accessibility is a right, not a social thing.

I ask the Spotify dev team to implement accessibility for screen reader users in both Windows and Mac platforms

Updated on 2020-06-09


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I think Spotify's great, and I've just upgraded from Free to Unlimited. But as someone who's blind, and accesses the Spotify client using assistive technology, I have a few problems, and it would be brilliant if some of these could be addressed for future releases.

Here are a few examples:

The shortcut key Alt-Shift-Enter (open the album containing the current track) no longer works. This was so much quicker for me than having to click the album title with the mouse, which is quite hit and miss.
There's no way of moving backwards and forwards within a track, via the keyboard.
Accessing collateral material such as biographies is difficult.
Logging in is difficult.
Updating preferences is difficult.
Detecting an error or announcement message on the screen is difficult, eg, one saying that a new version of Spotify is available to install.
There are probably other facilities I don't even know about. But the main thing is to make the basics of searching for and playing/navigating music easier when using a screenreader and a keyboard.
I'll be very happy to provide further info if required, or act as a guineapig to test any changes. Meanwhile, thanks for a fantastic product, and keep up the great work.
Edit: Changed "Windows" to "Desktop" to get the Mac users in here too. 😉 (Premify)

I would also like to be a beta tester for an accessible spotify client! There are two routes to take here.... 1. let blind and low vision users access spotify on their iphone/ipad for free because this client is fairly accessible or 2. make the desktop client more accessible..... You could make a special code that detects a screen reader and opens spotify in a screen reader friendly version that is more plain and lack of a better word choice "dumbed down". Or, you could also make the normal one accessible...... To me this is descrimination!!!!!


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I totally agree - Thanks for the great app.  Just observing the app, it seems like there are a number of lists and probably trees that would be great if I could navigate using arrows and tab keys.  I'm sure there are parts of the app that I'm not even aware of because they can't be discerned just by looking at the text in the app window.


HI John


Did you get anywhere with this - Do any screen readers work with Spotify or has anything been done


Kevin - -snip-


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Hi Kevin. No, I haven't had any official response. I exchanged several messages with support, and asked to be put in touch with one of the developers, or someone involved with product planning, but they were unwilling to do this, suggesting instead that I put accessibility forward as an "idea" via the forum.

I doo feel that making the product as accessible as possible to everyone, including blind users, merits inclusion for its own sake, and I would welcome any suggestions on the best way to reach, and convince, the decision makers at Spotify.

To get the ball rolling, let me mention again 1 small change that would make the mechanics of listening much easier for me.

It used to be possible, when positioned on a particular track, to press Alt-Shift-Enter to open the containing album.

Although I think this still appears on the help page, it hasn't worked for some time, and I'm sure it could be reinstated fairly easily.

I'm not looking for revolution. I'm simply asking for agreement in principle to make Spotify more accessible as time goes by. I'd be very happy to act as a guinea pig for testing any new accessibility features


Many thanks.




Thanks John


Lets keep trying, Spotify are missing the point and I'm sure it would not be rockets science to the developers to work with a group of blind and visually impaired people





Help Blind people enjoy music by writing scripts that allow screen readers to be compatible

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@kevinlonergan wrote:

Help Blind people enjoy music by writing scripts that allow screen readers to be compatible

Been suggested loads of times 😞



I wasn't sure where to put this, so I hope this is the right place.

I use Voiceover on the Mac.

The MAc Spotify app isn't accessible using Voiceover at all.

I can use the phone app, although the "What's new" tab only says button when trying to read the new releases.

Can this be fixed?  The desktop app and the phone app.



i am also a voice over user with the Mac OS X. Please make spotify accessible for blind mac user.